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Diversity Deep Dive

Welcome to the Diversity Deep Dive Podcast. In this podcast, you will hear insights and uplifting stories of resilience and perseverance against the odds. We will share meaningful dialogue to positively impact diversity and inclusion by dispelling stereotypes, tackling biases, and providing best practices to achieve greater cultural competence. Join us as we break some glass and disrupt the way we think about diversity and inclusion.


Last Episode Date: 15 February 2024

Total Episodes: 30

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15 February 2024
031. Inclusive Leadership

According to Harvard Business Review, inclusive leaders help organizations by creating 17% more high performing teams, driving 20% high-quality decision making and 29% more collaborative work. Numerous studies indicate that inclusive workplaces lead to lower attrition and im...

60 min
10 November 2023
030. Creating Equitable & Inclusive Workplaces

Challenging macroeconomic conditions, geopolitical disruption, climate change, and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) are just a few concerns impacting millions of people globally. According to PWC’s recent Global Workforce Hopes and Fears survey of 56,000 workers in...

40 min
19 June 2023
029. LGBTQ Inclusive BRGs in the Workplace

Assuredly, we have seen progress on LGBTQ+ rights worldwide with several countries legalizing same sex marriage over the past few years through legislative and court decision including Australia, Brazil, Cuba, Slovenia, Switzerland,  and Taiwan to name a few. Yet, many LGTB...

28 min
24 May 2023
028. Driving Inclusion and Respect at Deloitte

According to Catalyst’s Inclusive Leadership Report, 45% of employees’ experience with inclusion is directly linked to their manager’s behavior. In the report, Catalyst outlines 5 key drivers impacting inclusion in the workplace which are 1) value 2) trust 3) authentic...

42 min
17 November 2022
027. Belonging and Wellbeing at PPG Globally

According to Deloitte’s 2021 Global Human Capital Trends Report, organizations need to focus on well-being beyond the standard “work/life balance”. In the global report, workers indicated that prioritizing well-being and integrating it in workplace transformation effor...

40 min
26 July 2022
026. Global Inclusion at UPS

According to the PwC’s 2022 Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey, 54% of respondents believe that it is extremely important for organizations to have transparency about their record for addressing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The study further showcased the...

30 min
26 June 2022
025. Supporting LGBTQ Workers in the Workplace

According to the Human Rights Campaign Study, “A Workplace Divided, Understanding the Climate for LGBTQ workers nationwide, 46% of LGBTQ workers are closeted at work, 50% of non LGBTQ workers don’t believe they have any LGBTQ workers in their workplace, and 28% of LGBTQ ...

25 min
17 June 2022
024. Personal & Organizational Belonging

According to a 2021 Harvard Business Review study, 85% of workers believe that their mental health and wellbeing has declined and 56% cited a high increase in job demands. The Great Resignation continues where we have seen more than 4.5 million people leave their jobs in Mar...

55 min
6 December 2021
023. Pioneering Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) during the Great Resignation

According to a Qualtrics 2022 Employee Trends report, an estimated 32% of female leaders globally plan to leave their current job. Over the past 18 months we have seen a mass exodus of employees leaving their jobs in a phenomenon called the Great Resignation. Many workers ar...

42 min
5 October 2021
022. Demystifying Culture Globally

According to the PwC Global Culture survey, 66% of C-Suite and Board members responded that culture is viewed as equally as or more important to organizational performance as their operating model. The survey further indicates that 85% view culture as a top leadership agenda...

51 min
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