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Last Episode Date: 29 May 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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29 May 2024
Episode 134: Increase Your Personal and Professional Impact - Learn

Get ahead in your career and relationships, have a bigger positive impact on those around you, and even save your life (yikes!). Take time to watch attentively, ask questions, and learn.

7 min
3 May 2024
Episode 133: Increase Your Personal and Professional Impact - Think

Get out of overwhelm and survival mode and make a bigger positive impact on those around you. You can thrive as a relevant, sharp influence on your world, personally and professionally. Here is how.

6 min
28 March 2024
Episode 132: Making Sense of Things

It's one of the most predictable human responses. When behaviors, interactions, and words don't make sense to you, you'll create a story to explain them. A climate of transparency can eliminate assumptions, false beliefs, and misunderstandings.

6 min
1 March 2024
Episode 131: Thriving and Enjoying the Now

What keeps you from truly thriving and enjoying life now? The present moment is the only guarantee you have for living. Unfortunately, you can find yourself caught up in the past, future, or both and miss the opportunities in the present moment.

6 min
23 January 2024
Episode 130: Transition Disorientation

Your life recently changed, and you feel shaken, empty, confused, and maybe a little lost. Transition Disorientation is real and common. Transform your thoughts and actions for the new season. Here's how.

7 min
18 December 2023
Episode 129: Are you courageous and strong enough to embrace new ways of thinking?

It takes courage and strength to take a hard look at whether your thinking is true to reality and helpful for living. Do you have it?

5 min
6 November 2023
2023 Donor Letter

16 min
6 November 2023
Episode 128: Time is short - Practice Gratitude

Your time is too short to get discouraged about the things around you. Make the most of every moment with this exercise. 

5 min
12 October 2023
Episode 127: Reflections after 20 Years

Dr. Godfrey's reflections growing out of personal development and 20 years of work at True Course.

5 min
28 September 2023
Episode 126: True Course Celebrates 20 Years

True Course Celebrates 20 Years. Here's what's kept us busy.

5 min
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