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Digital Workflow Dentistry

Providing Dentists with information on how to make use of digital technology with efficient and effective workflows.


Last Episode Date: 8 April 2024

Total Episodes: 39

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8 April 2024
DWD Podcast #39 Are you Sure about that? Suresmile and Post Orthodontic Restorative

DWD team interviews Cheryl Ludvingson from the Densply Sirona Suresmile team. Discussion into how aligner therapy and occlusion will guide future aligner plans. The concept of POR - Post Orthodontic Restorative is discussed as both a planning and treatment tool to prevent re...

25 min
4 March 2024
DWD Podcast 38 Getting Back to The Basics with Dr. Sunny Virdi

DWD Podcast #38 focuses on Dr. Sunny Virdi and his passion for education and teaching. He focuses on helping dentists excel at general restorative dentistry. Discussion into Dr. Virdi's PDC lecture and education platform will be presented.

26 min
9 February 2024
DWD Podcast 37 3D Printing and In house manufacturing- Interview with Dr. Ami Rihal

DWD Podcast 37 highlights the world of 3D printing and in house manufacturing for dentists. The DWD team interview a GOAT of dentistry Dr. Ami Rihal. Dr. Rihal operates one of the biggest dental offices in Canada with a state of the art in house manufacturing lab. 

44 min
6 December 2023
DWD Podcast #36 Culture and HR

This Podcast features Dr. Sharma and Dr. Parchewsky interviewing Courtney and Morgan from Smile and Company. They topic is Culture and HR. The podcast discusses how important the concept of culture and personality types is so important when developing lasting high performing...

35 min
12 July 2023
DWD Podcast 35 Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. Nicole Robins Part 2

This podcast is the part 2 of the interview with Dr. Nicole Robins on anterior cosmetic dentistry and developing a niche practice.Social media leveraging and building patient relationships is highlighted in part 2.

21 min
5 July 2023
DWD Podcast #34 Interview with Dr. Nicole Robins Part 1

Podcast #34 features Dr. Nicole Robins being interviewed by the DWD team. The discussion is focused on Cosmetic anterior dentistry and developing a niche practice. 

20 min
8 May 2023
DWD Podcast #33 Nutooth interview with Christien Kopas

This podcast explores the changing landscape in the Dental Laboratory space. A new product, Nutooth, from Schell Dental Labs is discussed. The DWD team interviews Christien Kopas, a digital trainer and consultant with Nutooth. She discusses how dentists new to digital workfl...

25 min
16 February 2023
DWD Podcast #32 Digital Exam Opportunities

DWD Podcast 32 Discusses the digital exam process and how it can provide opportunities for relationship building, case acceptance and improve patient outcomes.

21 min
2 February 2023
DWD Podcast #31 PRP/PRF in Dentistry

DWD Podcast #31 Platelet Rich Fibrin and Plasma. This episode features a discussion how Platelet Rich Plasma and Platelet Rich Fibrin are used in dentistry for regenerative procedures.

14 min
26 January 2023
DWD Podcast #30 Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

DWD Podcast #30 features a discussion on how Artificial Intelligence in dentistry is going to have major impact on how we practice in the future. The DWD will discuss what AI technologies are on the horizon and what they will help us improve.

8 min
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