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Advice on buying a car, truck or motorcycle. How to save money and avoid the hassles when purchasing or leasing a vehicle. Information about every aspect of an automotive purchase. Financing, trade-in value, advertising and many other topics.


Last Episode Date: 7 January 2024

Total Episodes: 42

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7 January 2024
Tips for buying or leasing a luxury vehicle

Luxury vehicle buying facts So many Electric-Vehicle issues EV price range does not change the risk 80% mote problems Blood batteries Grid-Serve Charging network raises the cost to charge a vehicle What qualifies a vehicle as luxury Safety is the best The latest Hig...

47 min
19 December 2023
The dealership F&I hurdle

The dealership F&I hurdle F&I to finish the deal Tesla 2 million recall Electric vehicles fires galore Consumer report confirms electric vehicle issues Price savings for 1 years of fuel Current charging station additions be the fed….0 F&I profits are way up, w...

51 min
3 December 2023
Electric Vehicle Purchase , Yes or No?

Don’t be conned by the Electric Vehicle story Hybrid or full, they have a battery What are the limits? What about trade values? Charging takes time, lots of time No charge? What to do Fossil fuel taxes pay for roads, how will EV’s be taxed? Crash safety is impor...

59 min
19 November 2023
How to buy if you must hurry

What if you have limited time to make the purchase? Distance on EV is still an issue if you use accessories Most common models are $2000 more for Electric Fire departments train for EV battery fires Rush Rush Rush to buy Consistency means resale What was missed Time ...

42 min
19 November 2023
Maximizing your trade or outright sale value

What you should do to get the most out of your vehicle 1.     Various medias say EV‘s are tanking 2.     More and more EV fires 3.     Price difference and depreciation could be $40,000 or more 4.     Rates are up so credit comparison shopping is a ke...

34 min
23 October 2023
Due diligence research completed? Now what?

Due Diligence research completed? Now what?  EV sales are not up The public is aware of Electric vehicle Fires and deaths Manufacturers are hurting from EV failure Great negotiating requires great due diligence. Avoid cash or shopping talk. No matter what you offer, the dea...

33 min
9 October 2023
How to overcome automotive credit issue

How to overcome automotive credit issues Solar is better than electric but it also has issues Trucks are not feasible as electric Safety has become a key issue Battery fire death numbers are high Inflation oozes into vehicle interest rates The banks, more risk, more rat...

36 min
21 September 2023
Dealers and the news, now it's all fake

Dealers and the news, now it’s all fake Colorado crazy trade doesn’t help 65% won’t even look at EV’s Battery prices have dropped to ridiculous Ev ads and the news are fake Bait and switch Switching stories Ridiculous trade values Guaranteed payoff is a hoax...

47 min
10 September 2023
What is Due diligence?

Due Diligence means what? Hybrid low down Electric Bus goes belly up Due diligence is omnipotent 2022 Consumer Report has a great ratings section Brand tells the story best Great deals have no short cuts Knowing what comes first Use all the price calculation methods for used...

41 min
27 August 2023
One price, fixed price, haggle free, only benefit the dealer

One price, fixed price, haggle free, only benefit the dealer Part 1 and part 2 used review Make a quality segment chart The one price stories There are no special deals just special methods Why are one price techniques uesd Cut the dealer ‘s expenses Enhance the profits I...

32 min
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