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Day in a Canoe Podcast

Think of the people you interact with every day, would you want to spend a day in a canoe with them? This show is all about creating the life that you want, one filled with wealth, wisdom, meaning and purpose. And that starts with surrounding yourself with the right people – people you’d want to spend a day with, in a canoe.


Last Episode Date: 10 January 2024

Total Episodes: 57

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10 January 2024
Day in a Canoe – Kathy Wiseman: Understanding Family Systems

In this episode, Nathan and Kathy discuss: What family systems are and how they operate Tools to reflect inward and examine your own operating system along with your family system The correlations between you and the generational systems you inherited The emotional att...

26 min
24 November 2023
Mark McLaughlin: Getting Real About Real Estate

In this episode, Nathan and Mark discuss: The landscape of residential real estate and the ever-increasing demand for homes despite low inventory and high interest rates. Recent lawsuits against the National Association of Realtors and what it means for real estate profe...

28 min
1 November 2023
Breck Kling - An Affinity for Art

In this episode, Nathan and Breck discuss: Art as an investment and the value it holds from a monetary and aesthetic standpoint The rise of fine art as an alternative asset class The role of an art consultant in the buying and selling process of fine art  The impact B...

21 min
8 September 2023
Chris Hessler: Business, Entrepreneurship and… Brain Cancer?

In this episode, Nathan and Chris discuss: The beauty of the entrepreneurial journey and knowing when to enter and exit an opportunity in the world of business   Emphasizing business development and customer acquisition as key drivers in your organization’s growth and...

18 min
14 July 2023
Mykolas Rambus: Privacy in the Digital Age

In this episode, Nathan and Mykolas discuss: Protecting your personal data and privacy in an ever-increasing digital world The existing cybersecurity landscape and the threats, scams, and modes of protection you need to be on the lookout for Action that is being taken to pr...

15 min
23 June 2023
Desirée Bombenon: The Power of Purpose

In this episode, Nathan and Desirée discuss: How mentorship at an early age can unlock young people’s potential Leveraging the education you get in all areas of life, not just within the classroom The benefits of having a purpose-driven company and social enterprise...

20 min
1 June 2023
022 Ian Muir: Building Trust, Embracing Growth, and Fostering Resilience

In this episode, Nathan and Ian discuss:   Discovering essential qualities of effective leadership in any economic climate. Identifying your boundaries and learning the importance of seeking expert insight. Grasping the crucial role of trust-building and valuing conne...

19 min
31 March 2023
021 Cyrus Sigari: To Adventure and Fellowship

In this episode, Nathan and Cyrus discuss: The importance of mobility in our lives  The possibility of flying cars in the near future  Hurdles to advancement in the mobility space Making your entrepreneurial journey an adventure   Key Takeaways: Not many are a...

20 min
8 March 2023
020 Daniel Russell, Sr.: The Power of Connection

In this episode, Nathan and Dan discuss: The power of connection  Gathering gems of wisdom and sharing with others Setting goals beyond yourself  Advice Dan would give to a younger self     Key Takeaways: Connection is powerful. When you take the time to be p...

19 min
6 February 2023
019 Rod Meloni: Perseverance Matters  

  In this episode, Nathan and Rod discuss: Qualities needed for excellent reporting Being right versus being first  Helping people understand personal finance Realizing it’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you respond   Key Takeaways: Curiosity, a wil...

20 min
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