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Data For Future

A growing body of knowledge on Data and Sustainability.


Last Episode Date: 21 March 2024

Total Episodes: 53

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21 March 2024
53: Digital Carbon Footprint | Richard Kenny

Episode Summary 🌿In this episode of "Data for Future," 🎧 we shine a spotlight on the digital sector's staggering energy consumption, accounting for an estimated 4-6% of global electricity use. 🌍💡 As we navigate through the complexities of our digit...

52 min
12 February 2024
52: From Passion to Practice: A Sustainability Leadership Journey | Nathalie Cruchet

🎧 Welcome to Season 2 of "Data for Future," the podcast where data meets sustainability! 🌟 In this episode , we're thrilled to spotlight Nathalie Cruchet, Head of ESG and Sustainability at Submer, and her inspiring journey into the heart of sustainable l...

50 min
19 January 2022
51: Trackable and Sustainable Urban Mobility | Fabien Sauthier, MotionTag

Transportation accounts for almost a quarter of the green house emission in Europe. When we envision a sustainable city of the future, we cannot ignore the importance of urban mobility. While searching for ways of optimising our transportation system, we first need to be abl...

49 min
15 December 2021
50: Our Data Journey | Meet the Hosts Pavlo & Tammy

This is a special edition to celebrate our 50th podcast episode. Along the journey of creating the podcast, Tammy and Pavlo have gained much knowledge in the data and sustainability field. Meanwhile, they are also growing their careers as data professionals and data leaders....

75 min
30 November 2021
49: Solar Panels Cleaned by Robots | Felipe Urrutia, Inti-tech

We often hear about new installations of solar panels that make renewable energy transition real. But how often do we hear about the importance of keeping solar modules clean? Dirt and soiling can lower the performance of solar panels by as much as 50%! Inti-tech is a start...

39 min
17 November 2021
48: Sustainable Building on Demand | Andrés Perales, Designable

Have you ever wondered about the carbon footprint of the buildings we work and live in? As buildings are responsible for more than 40 % of global energy used, and as much as one-third of global GHG emissions, the potential impact of building energy use optimization is huge.D...

37 min
3 November 2021
47: Blockchain for SDGs | Carlos Gómez, Belobaba

Cryptocurrencies are still gaining popularity. The total cap of the crypto asset market has reached $2.3 trillion, making it larger than the market capitalization of any company and possibly any asset except for gold. El Salvador has even made Bitcoin an official legal curre...

35 min
20 October 2021
46: Shaping the Next Generation of Women Tech Leaders | AllWomen

According to Statista, in 2020, about 25% of GAFAM’s employees are female, and only 20% of the leadership positions are female. Facing such a gender gap in tech and leadership, we are shifting our lens to the Allwomen Campus, where the reshaping of the next generation of f...

27 min
6 October 2021
45: Democratizing AI | Korey Stegared-Pace, Peltarion

Building AI models is still a VIP fiesta that is only reserved for somewhere between 0.002% and 0.02% of the global population looking at how many data scientists are out there. What if everyone could build a machine learning model to solve their personal and/or business pro...

38 min
22 September 2021
44: Growing a Data Career | Alexey Grigorev, OLX

Often we hear about advice on how to transition into a data career, but how about growing your career in data? Are you aspired to develop more domain technical knowledge or are you more drawn into developing into leadership positions? Are you interested in joining/building a...

41 min
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