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Join Mark Kilaghbian as he examines how groundbreaking and innovative technology can change industries, commerce and even governments as we know it. Listen in on the future of finance, tech, crypto as well as exploring other topics like philosophy and cosmology as Mark speaks with Crypto Executives, Influencers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, & Pundits. Honest, Ad-free, & Open minded conversations. Help us by subscribing & sharing!


Last Episode Date: 17 April 2024

Total Episodes: 74

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17 April 2024
DeFi but on Bitcoin w/ Peter Watson (CMO @ Velar)

On this episode we explore how Velar is bringing the most exciting parts of Ethereum and Solana DeFi back home to Bitcoin by offering leveraged perps, bridges, farming, and swaps backed by passionate team and an aggressive future roadmap. Hear about how they went from star...

46 min
19 March 2024
Using Web 2.0 to spread Web 3.0 w/ Aram Mughalyan

Learn how to go from zero to one, find your crypto community, and the support the use cases you care about on this episode with Aram Mughalyan. Aram started his career in crypto where many others start their career journey -- Linkedin, quickly amassing a community of tens ...

44 min
7 March 2024
Venture Backing & New Narratives w/ Jasper De Maere (Research @ Outlier Ventures)

In this episode of the cryptoconomy podcast with Jasper De Maere, we take a look at the venture side of the industry and how VC backers are finding new ways to support and fund cryptocurrency startups across chains and around the world. Learn about changing perspectives on B...

40 min
24 February 2024
Community Driven Data & Analytics w/ Jim Myers (CTO @ Flipside Crypto)

In this episode of the Cryptoconomy Podcast, we delve into the innovative world of Flipside Crypto, a trailblazer in cryptocurrency analytics and business intelligence. We explore the company's origins, key services, including their proprietary Flipside Crypto Asset Sco...

38 min
14 January 2024
Leading Web 2 Giants into Web 3.0 w/ David Lockie (Web 3.0 Lead @ Automattic)

Today Mark sits down with the Web 3.0 lead of Automattic, the parent company of some of the largest websites in the world (Tumblr, Wordpress, and WooCommerce just to name a few) to discuss how some of the most impactful companies on the planet are approaching blockchain and ...

47 min
3 January 2024
Cross-Chain DeFi w/ Aaron Kong (Growth & Strategy @ Osmosis)

This dynamic episode dives into a future-state DeFi, with Osmosis. Cryptoconomy talks to Aaron Kong, to unravel the intricacies of the burgeoning DeFi landscape. Aaron shares his thought leadership with Osmosis, as well as his profound insights, shedding light on the innova...

40 min
14 December 2023
Creating Crypto Liquidity w/ Juan David (Founder @ Keyrock)

Today Mark sits down with Juan David, co-founder and Chairman of Keyrock. Juan is a serial entrepreneur and investor who previously founded two startups. Additionally, he has worked on central banking supply models and provided strategic consulting in the banking industry. I...

38 min
6 December 2023
Quantifying & Tokenizing Global Resources w/ Gareth Beesley (CEO @ DComm)

On this episode Cryptoconomy sits down with Gareth Beesley, Founder of DComm to learn more about their mission to tokenizing and democratize global assets and commodities. Learn how their blockchain leverages decentralized networks to verify the data that drives the economy....

43 min
16 November 2023
Decentralizing Derivatives w/ Barney Mannerings (CEO @ Vega Protocol)

An incredible financial system built around direct peer-to-peer trading, without any third party access? It’s real and it’s here, with Vega Protocol. Cryptoconomy talks to Vega Protocol and CEO Barney Mannerings about their fully decentralized high performance peer to ne...

40 min
9 November 2023
Getting Institutions Onchain w/ Akash Mahendra (Director @ Haven1)

Akash Mahendra is Director of the Haven1 Foundation where he leads strategy, operations, and risk management efforts in support of Haven1 — an EVM-compatible L1 blockchain purpose-built to provide a secure environment for on-chain finance. He is also a Portfolio Manager at...

39 min
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