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Creator to CEOs #CREATEIT Like a Boss with Katrina Julia

Creator to CEOs #CREATEIT : This for the Creators to CEOs who crave creating, community and cash to #CREATEIT Like a Boss with Katrina Julia, A Multi-Passionate Creator + CEO sharing transformation, tips, tools, and tech in faith, wellness, money, marketing, business, and travel as I Create a Life + Business I Love with Freedom + Help you #CREATEIT Like a BOSS! Hosted by Katrina Julia Create. Transform. Inspire. You Are Born To. Cover design by Katrina Julia with AI

Last Episode Date: 6 May 2024

Total Episodes: 823

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6 May 2024
Why is NO One Talking About This? How to Pitch Brands in 2024 Like a BOSS

"Ever wonder why the big secret on pitching brands in 2024 isn't getting the buzz it deserves? 🤫💡 Dive into this must-listen episode where we take you inside the mind of a creator mastering B2B2C pitches. Plus, get an exclusive sneak peek at our upcoming Bali...

28 min
22 April 2024
Krabi Best Things to Do in 2024

Thailands famous Long Tail Boats, World famous beaches, and Emerald Pools is what you will discover with travel to Krabi, Thailand. Lets CREATEIT --- Send in a voice message:

15 min
22 April 2024
Chang Mai Best Things to Do in 2024

Chang Mai is full of markets, temples, massages by ex-prisoners, and the BEST Day Trip with Elephant Sanctuary and a National Park. Hear all about my 2 week stay ish Let's CREATEIT --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.c...

18 min
22 April 2024
Bangkok Best Things to Do in 2024

I share highlights from Bangkok from 2+ weeks in the city and 2 months in Thailand Lets #CREATEIT --- Send in a voice message:

16 min
18 April 2024
How to Create a Kickstarter Project in 2024

I became inspired and intentional learning the Passion Planner and Kickstarter last year. I decided to create a Kickstarter Campaign too AND show you how to #CREATEIT and Kickstarter Pre-Launch --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.s...

29 min
15 April 2024
Bali October Early Bird: Next 3 Spots Get $2,000 Off

I can't even believe I am doing this for Bali in October Retreat. Lets CREATEIT --- Send in a voice message:

9 min
15 April 2024
Top 10 Egypt Things to Do

I traveled to Egypt for the second time in my life and spent a month in this magical country. Lets CREATEIT --- Send in a voice message:

26 min
15 April 2024
7 Min Creator Snapshot

Its all about community in Abundant April. I am sharing tips, tools and tech! Lets #CREATEIT --- Send in a voice message:

6 min
11 April 2024
How to Get from 0 to 10k Emails in 2024

I share #allthethings on getting from 0 to 10k+ emails with freebies, tech like Apollo.IO, and sharing your links everywhere. On my @youtube channel I share a tutorial for you to see and #CREATEIT --- Send in a voice message: https://podcaster...

37 min
10 April 2024
Creator Confessions Real Talk of a Creator CEO Manifesting March

Dive into the heart of Thailand with this month's Creator Confessions! From the dynamic streets of Bangkok to the serene beaches of Krabi, we're sharing the real talk of balancing life as a Creator and CEO. March was a whirlwind of manifesting miracles: over 5,000 ...

18 min
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