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Craig Peterson – Secure Your Business, Your Privacy, and Save Your Sanity

Listen up, folks! At Craig Peterson's one-stop virtual corner, we distill gems from the comically chaotic world of tech and security. It's like grabbing a cuppa joe with your good old buddy, who just happens to be a guru in cybersecurity! From tackling the unseen dangers lurking in your smartphone to unmasking the secrets of ransomware, Craig's podcast shines a light on the stuff you need to know. Zero-day vulnerabilities? Yep, we got that covered. Mastering the art of patching or baffled by 2FA/MFA verifications? Say no more! Whether you're a cybersecurity novice or a savvy netizen, there's something for everyone. Gear up for entertaining, engaging, and most importantly, enlightening conversations about taking charge of your digital life. 🎧☕🔒. Makes sense, yeah? Drop by and join the conversation!


Last Episode Date: 4 May 2024

Total Episodes: 500

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4 May 2024
Solar Storm Apocalypse? Myth or Reality? Protect Your Grid (and Life)

Have you ever considered the impact of a powerful solar storm or an unexpected Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) on our way of life? This article dives deep into the resilience of our electric grid in the face of these potential threats, exploring the concerning "what ifs." Solar ...

83 min
20 April 2024
eSIM Exposed: Safeguarding Mobile Privacy & Combatting Hacks

  Chris's $10,000 smartphone hack is just one instance of a concerning trend of cyberattacks. Today, we're delving deep into eSIM technology, a game-changer in mobile privacy and security. Cybersecurity Concerns: The rise in hacking incidents highlights the urgent need for...

28 min
13 April 2024
Disappear Online: Expert Tips for Digital Cleansing!

  In today's digital age, our online presence can become cluttered and overwhelming, affecting not just our digital identity but also our cybersecurity and privacy. Let's delve into the expert secrets of digital cleansing to ensure a safer and more secure online journey: ...

30 min
6 April 2024
Defend Your Digital Domain: Transforming Home Networks for Cybersecurity

Hey there! Is your home Wi-Fi a potential cyber threat? Let’s bolster your network's defenses! Here's what you'll find in this guide: Privacy Concerns: Understand the risks associated with a vulnerable home network and the importance of safeguarding your personal inform...

83 min
23 March 2024
Unlocking the Secrets of Online Privacy: Cracking the Code to Secure Chats

Have you ever paused mid-message, wondering who might be lurking in the digital shadows? I've delved deep into the realms of online privacy, spam prevention, encryption, and the intricacies of organizing your digital life to keep your conversations secure. Join me on this th...

83 min
8 March 2024
Defend Your Inbox: The Ultimate Plus Addressing Privacy Solution!

Hey there! Ever find yourself drowning in a sea of spam emails? 📧 Fret not! I've got the perfect solution to not only declutter your inbox but also fortify your online privacy and cybersecurity. 🛡️ Introducing the ultimate guide to digital clean up, with a focus on p...

83 min
2 March 2024
Online Advertising Transformed: Google's Move Beyond Cookie Dependency

Hold onto your hats, tech enthusiasts! 🎩💻 Get ready for a seismic shift in the digital landscape as Google bids farewell to cookies, ushering in a new era where privacy is more than just wishful thinking. Say goodbye to the cookie craze! 🍪🚫 In my latest deep dive...

83 min
2 February 2024
Crack the Code: Mastering Windows Security and Digital Clean-Up Tactics

In the fast-paced world of technology, your Windows device needs the ultimate defense against cyber threats. I've revamped the guide, diving deep into the realms of anti-virus protection, cybersecurity, and online privacy. Here's your roadmap to a digitally clean and secure ...

84 min
26 January 2024
Boost Online Privacy: A Cyber Spring Clean

Is your digital realm resembling a messy attic? Files overflowing like forgotten knick-knacks, an inbox resembling a confetti blizzard, and social media feeds choked with digital dust bunnies? Fear not, fellow data denizens, for spring cleaning season has arrived – and thi...

83 min
19 January 2024
Beyond Delete: The Ultimate Guide to Shredding Sensitive Digital Trails

Hey there cyber enthusiasts! Ever wondered how to transform your digital space into a fortress of security? Well, buckle up, because we've crafted the ultimate guide to help you declutter, fortify, and defend your digital realm. Our mission: to make cybersecurity engaging an...

74 min
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