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Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast offers personal, practical coaching lessons that take the mystery out of leadership. In each episode of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, Craig brings you empowering insights and easy-to-understand takeaways you can use to lead yourself and lead your team. You’ll learn effective ways to grow as a leader, optimize your time, develop your team, and structure your organization.


Last Episode Date: 6 June 2024

Total Episodes: 155

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6 June 2024
Using Adversity to Your Advantage | Will Guidara

Of all the books Craig read in 2023, two stood out as top recommendations. Will Guidara’s "Unreasonable Hospitality" is one, and in this episode, Will shares why any organization will grow when they’re unreasonable about serving others. Watch video and download the lead...

54 min
16 May 2024
Leading a Billion-Dollar Sales Team | Stephanie Chung

The best salespeople are excellent servants. They find out what their customer needs, and they work to meet that need. Great leaders exercise the same skills. In this episode, billion-dollar sales leader Stephanie Chung shows you how.Watch video and download the leader guide...

43 min
2 May 2024
Cultivating Drive as a Leader | Dr. Josh Axe

The best leaders know there’s a time to encourage and a time to challenge themselves and their team. Dr. Josh Axe shares practical tools and phrases for encouraging and challenging—and shares his top health and lifestyle adjustments you can make today. Watch video and d...

51 min
4 April 2024
Leading With Agility: How to Correct Quickly

You know "what got you here won’t get you there." With the near-constant rate of change in our world today, if you aren’t adapting your leadership approach, you’re likely getting left behind. Today, Craig shares three keys to staying agile in leadership.Watch video and...

28 min
21 March 2024
Tools for Building Self-Worth | Jamie Kern Lima

It’s impossible to succeed your way to self-worth. While many of us try to find fulfillment in success, today’s guest Jamie Kern Lima shows us how to find true fulfillment by growing our self-worth, not just our self-confidence. Watch video and download the leader guide...

39 min
7 March 2024
Steven Furtick on Breaking Mental Barriers, Working Out, and Embracing Your Strengths

We all have limiting beliefs. Whether it’s “I’m not a person who works out” or “I’m not a leader,” our thoughts and beliefs can hold us back. In this episode, Steven Furtick shares how we can change our thought patterns to break those limiting beliefs. Watch v...

66 min
20 February 2024
3 Habits of Consistent Leaders | Think Ahead Preview

One factor can have the biggest impact on the trajectory of your leadership, and it’s not your genetics, appearance, or intelligence. It’s your ability to be consistent. Today, I’m sharing three keys to consistency from my new book, Think Ahead. Watch video and downlo...

22 min
15 February 2024
Solving Problems You Didn’t Create | Dr. Jon Chasteen

If you’ve ever inherited a struggling project, team, or organization, you know how hard it can be to fix something you didn’t break. Today’s episode with Dr. Jon Chasteen will give you practical leadership tools for rebuilding what’s been broken.Watch video and downl...

49 min
1 February 2024
8 Habits of Great Decision Makers, Part 2

The future of your leadership will be determined by the quality of your decisions. In part two, Craig outlines the final three factors of great decision makers. If you want to strengthen your decision making, apply these factors.Watch video and download the leader guide: htt...

25 min
18 January 2024
Workouts, Cold Plunges, and Other Habits of a CEO | Dan Clark

Growing leaders tend to have growing disciplines. But how do you know which disciplines to focus on? In this episode, Westfall Gold CEO Dan Clark shares the habits and disciplines that consistently help him grow as a leader. Watch video and download the leader guide: https:...

40 min
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