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Conversations With Columbiana County

A podcast about Columbiana County, Ohio. With special emphasis on government, business, and economic development.

Last Episode Date: 26 April 2024

Total Episodes: 21

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26 April 2024
24-02 Gabe Durrant--Columbiana County GIS Coordinator

County GIS Coordinator, Gabe Durrant, swings by to tell us about what GIS is (spoiler: it stands for geographic information system), how it is used in the county, and who can and should use it.Gabe also tells us about the county's aerial drone program and ground penetra...

49 min
5 April 2024
24-01 Haedan Panezott--Former Executive Director, Columbiana County Land Bank

Haedan Panezott joins us to discuss many of the projects he accomplished as the Executive Director of the Columbiana County Land Reutilization Corporation (a/k/a the Land Bank). Haedan recently stepped down from that role to focus on an ever-important role at the Columbiana...

41 min
29 January 2023
23-01 Kathy Schulz--Underground Railroad in Ohio

Columbiana County native, Kathy Schulz, join us to discuss her recently published book, The Underground Railroad in Ohio.Kathy tells us what the Underground Railroad was (and what it wasn't!!). We learn why Ohio was truly at the heart of the Underground Railroad and the...

82 min
4 November 2022
22-01 Dr. Tom Maraffa

We welcome retired YSU geography professor, Dr. Tom Maraffa to the podcast.Tom recently conducted an analysis of the Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) program, with a special focus on the City of Columbiana's relatively new (but active) CRA program.We talk about what a ...

71 min
9 August 2021
21-02 Wes Vins, County Health Commissioner--Part 2

Wes Vins, the Health Commissioner of the Columbiana County General Health District joins us for this episode.In this interview (part 2 of 2), Wes tells us about the COVID pandemic, explains some of the science, and details all aspects of the response from the local, state, a...

47 min
27 July 2021
21-01 Wes Vins, County Health Commissioner--Part 1

Wes Vins, the Health Commissioner of the Columbiana County General Health District joins us for this episode.In this interview (part 1 of 2), we learn a bit about Wes, the history of public health, and some of the specific activities of the Columbiana County General Health D...

59 min
26 September 2020
20-09 Treasurer Candidate Interview--Bryan Blakeman

Current Mayor of the City of Columbiana, Bryan Blakeman, joins us to discuss why he would like your vote for Columbiana County Treasurer.

53 min
26 September 2020
20-10 Treasurer Candidate Interview--Linda Bolon

Current Columbiana County Treasurer, Linda Bolon, joins us to discuss why she would like your vote for Columbiana County Treasurer.

53 min
16 September 2020
20-08 Columbiana County Parks District--Tom Butch and Eileen Dray-Bardon

Tom Butch and Eileen Dray-Bardon, Chair and Vice-Chair respectively, of the Columbiana County Parks District Board of Commissioners join us for this episode.Learn about some of the great facilities the Parks District has to offer in Columbiana County, including the Greenway ...

50 min
22 July 2020
20-07 Tad Herold

The episode nobody has been waiting for!!!Peter Wilson returns to interview Columbiana County's Director of Economic Development, Tad Herold (that's me).Peter asks me about my work at the Office of Economic Development, including the establishment and administratio...

62 min
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