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Conservation Careers Podcast

Nick Askew from Conservation Careers uncovers what it's like to work in wildlife conservation. He explores how to get a conservation job, and discusses the latest industry news, by speaking to professional conservationists who share their career stories and advice. So if you want the inside scoop on the life of a professional conservationist and their industry, are feeling lost in your conservation job hunt and need some direction, or wanting to switch careers into conservation but don't know where to start - this is the podcast for you! Conservation jobs, conservation volunteering, conservation internships, conservation careers, conservation news, conservation stories. Check us out at to find the most conservation jobs and the best conservation careers advice.

Last Episode Date: 15 April 2024

Total Episodes: 118

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15 April 2024
Dr Carrie Goucher | How to stop wasting precious time in mediocre meetings!

Meetings are a core part of our working lives, and yet studies have found that 50% of time spent in meetings is often wasted. When viewed as a whole that's often billions, if not trillions, of dollars wasted annually, which could be put to much better use. But why do we spen...

51 min
1 April 2024
Dr Stephen Green | Course Leader MSc Conservation Project Management

Have you considered going back to university and doing a Master's Degree in order to become more employable within the sector?   Perhaps you’ve looked at many programmes and wondered if they are tooling you up with the right skills employers value.   In today’s...

49 min
19 March 2024
Cristianne Close | Deputy Global Conservation Director WWF International

In this episode we’re speaking with the Deputy Global Conservation Director at WWF International, Cristianne Close.  Cris describes herself as ‘passionate about creating positive change in the world, especially aiming to make the impossible, possible’.  In this ...

46 min
4 March 2024
How to plan for a gap year or career break? Julia Rogers | EnRoute Consulting

Have you ever felt like escaping the rat race and travelling the world? Seeking impact, adventure and new experiences? Perhaps volunteering for nature conservation organisations, and setting yourself for a career change or education when you return? But with the world as you...

47 min
19 February 2024
Biodiversify-ing businesses and beyond with Michael Burgass (Director of Biodiversify)

Increasingly, the private sector is taking a growing interest in their impact on wildlife, and this could lead to a much-needed step change in conservation efforts. But why do companies care about nature? How can they assess and minimise their impacts? And what sort of jobs ...

48 min
5 February 2024
Lise Aangeenbrug | Chief Program Officer at the National Park Foundation

How do you raise nearly $100,000,000 per year to protect and conserve America’s 420+ National Park Sites?  Sites important for recreation, education, and the conservation of endangered landscapes, natural communities and species.  We discuss this, amongst many other...

42 min
23 January 2024
Burnout in conservation

Have you ever felt like you’re energetically exhausted, mentally distant from your job, or less able to produce results at work? There’s a chance that these symptoms could be related to burnout. According to The World Health Organization (WHO), burnout is a syndrome “...

62 min
8 January 2024
Patience Thody | Deputy Chief Executive The Wildlife Trusts

If you’ve spent time in the UK and visited a local nature reserve, then chances are you’ve been to a site managed by one of the 46 individual Wildlife Trusts that collectively represent 2,000 staff, 35,000 volunteers and nearly 1 million members.   Helping to coordinat...

47 min
13 December 2023
How important are volunteers in conservation? Rhoda Ludford - Volunteering Development Consultant with the RSPB

How important are volunteers in conservation?  What are the different types of work you can do as a volunteer, and how can it benefit your career?  We answer these and many more questions in discussion with today’s guest Rhoda Ludford.  Rhoda is the Volunteering ...

34 min
4 December 2023
Charu Mishra | The world’s foremost expert on snow leopard conservation

We ran a live event in partnership with Conservation Optimism, to explore and celebrate the work of Dr Charu Mishra - the world’s foremost expert on snow leopard conservation, and double Whitley Gold Award Winner. Conservation Optimism is a global community dedicated to in...

64 min
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