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Complete Estate Planning

Do you know what will happen to your loved ones when something happens to you? If you don’t know the answer, or don’t like the answer, then this is the show for you. Listen up as we teach you about protecting your family legacy through better estate planning. The host of the Complete Estate Planning Podcast is Attorney Nick Rosenbauer of the Cincinnati area.

Last Episode Date: 9 May 2024

Total Episodes: 104

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9 May 2024
The Estate Battle After OJ Simpson's Death

The recent passing of O.J. Simpson has stirred up a legal storm that we're going to unpack in today's episode. Simpson's estate is a convoluted web of trusts, lawsuits, and debts that Nick will try to help us untangle from an estate planning perspective. He'll also take us t...

21 min
25 April 2024
Settling A Trust After Death (Part 2)

Last episode, we started a special two-part series where Nick guided us through the steps involved when someone passes away. We're here to finish up this discussion today. Listen in as Nick talks about what it looks like to settle a trust after death in Ohio. Although trusts...

20 min
11 April 2024
The Probate Process From Start To Finish (Part 1)

We've talked about probate here on the show before, but what does the process look like from start to finish? Join us for a special two-part series, where Nick will guide us through the steps involved when someone passes away. In this episode, we'll outline the key stages of...

24 min
28 March 2024
I'm Single With No Children- Do I Need An Estate Plan? Mailbag Episode

Our podcast listeners frequently send in questions for Nick. In today's show, we've chosen a few questions to chat about on the air. For example, one listener asks if they need an estate plan since they're single, childless, and have a financially independent family. Another...

28 min
14 March 2024
Inheritance Conversations With Your Children: What They Don’t Know CAN Hurt Them

You've probably heard the old saying, "What you don't know can't hurt you." But when it comes to inheritance conversations with your children, that isn't entirely true. Stay tuned as we share some crucial considerations for navigating these estate-planning conversations with...

25 min
29 February 2024
The House I Inherited Has A Mortgage. Do I Have To Pay It?

With home prices continuing to climb, a house ends up being the most valuable asset for many families. However, it can also be the most difficult to deal with in an inheritance after someone passes away. One of the biggest issues people run into is the owner passing away whi...

21 min
22 February 2024
The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA): New Fines & Rules For Business Owners To Follow

The Corporate Transparency Act (which was enacted in January of 2021) has taken effect as of January 2024. Under the new law, small businesses have new disclosure and reporting requirements with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. This law is retroactive and includes b...

19 min
18 January 2024
No Money, Still Problems

Many people automatically think of how to handle or “plan” for their assets when estate planning comes to mind. However, inheriting someone’s assets is only one piece of the puzzle. This is why someone asking “How much money do I need to have before I create an estat...

24 min
4 January 2024
Medical Decisions: Is It Smart To Rely On Others?

An important (and often overlooked) part of estate planning involves arranging for a person to have their medical needs taken care of. This usually involves a combination of appointing a decision maker (your power of attorney agent or surrogate, depending on the state you li...

25 min
21 December 2023
Partial Business Ownership, Donations to Charity, and More: Mailbag Episode

We have listeners from all over the country reach out and ask us estate planning questions, so we thought it would be helpful to answer some of those questions on the podcast today. One listener asks how to handle partial business ownership interest in a small business. Anot...

26 min
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