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CommSec Market Update

CommSec Market Update is the podcast that will help you to stay ahead of the trends with daily expert commentary as the market opens and closes.  Whether you are invested in the stock market, or just looking to get started, join the team from Australia’s leading online broker and follow the changes as they happen.


The content in this podcast is prepared, approved and distributed in Australia by Commonwealth Securities Limited ABN 60 067 254 399 AFSL 238814. The information does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Consider the appropriateness of the information before acting and if necessary, seek appropriate professional advice.


Last Episode Date: 12 June 2024

Total Episodes: 573

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12 June 2024
Market Close 12 June 24: US inflation and interest rate decision in focus

Join Laura and Stevie as they take a look at the markets nervous start to the week.  Two consecutive days of declines, ahead of two high risk events tonight.  Why did consumer confidence just hit its lowest level all year?  Judo Capital Holdings saw gains after the ASX qu...

10 min
11 June 2024
Morning Report 12 Jun 24: ASX to drop on weak metal prices

Aussie shares are predicted to decline ahead of key inflation data from the US and China, meanwhile a significant $39 billion US bond auction sparked speculation about potential Fed rate cuts. Tech stocks, particularly Apple, saw gains amid new AI features while in Europe, p...

9 min
11 June 2024
Market Close 11 June 24: Markets tumble ahead of inflation, interest rates and jobs data

After the best week of the year, last week, markets have taken a nose dive.  What is contributing to this decline?  Join Laura and Stevie as they unpack the Australian stock market's rough start to the week, with the ASX 200 down by close to 1.5%.  Gold Miners took the bi...

9 min
10 June 2024
Morning Report 11 Jun 24: ASX to fall despite Wall Street hovering at record highs

US investors remain cautious as they await critical inflation data and a Federal Reserve decision on interest rates, which are anticipated to remain unchanged this week. Last Friday’s stronger-than-expected US jobs report highlighted the resilience of the labor market, rai...

9 min
7 June 2024
Market Close 7 June 24: Best week this year for the Aussie market

The Aussie market heads into the close on track to be the best week of the year.  Laura and Stevie unpack this third straight day of gains as we hover near record highs and look at the part that international interest rate cuts played in this shift higher.  Company news ha...

9 min
6 June 2024
Morning Report 07 Jun 24: ASX to edge up after European Central Bank cuts interest rates

Tom and Ryan are back for your Friday morning.  The big news overnight, the Europeans cut rates.  Although, it may be seen as a reluctant move.  Wall Street takes a breather ahead of key jobs numbers and Aussie shares expected to open higher to end the week.   The cont...

10 min
6 June 2024
Market Close 6 June 24: International rate cut decision improves investor confidence

Laura and Stevie are back today to unpack what they are calling a ‘cracker of a session’. The market is set to snap two weeks of losses as international rate cuts lift the mood for investors - a move which could spark discussions around local interest rate cuts.  All se...

9 min
5 June 2024
Morning Report 06 Jun 24: ASX to rise, Nvidia leads mega cap tech rally

Join Tom and Ryan as they discuss new record highs on Wall Street.  Hewlett Packard has been a standout overnight with strong gains, while Nvidia continued its AI driven run.  Aussie shares are poised to rise, as the Bank of Canada bolsters hopes for global rate cuts. And...

10 min
5 June 2024
Market Close 05 June 24: Aussie market recoups losses in response to GDP figures

The market saw a drop yesterday but today recouped those losses.  Laura and Stevie unpack how data that differed from what analysts were expecting played a part in this shift and how this data could impact the next RBA meeting.  Interest rates are back in discussion, each ...

9 min
4 June 2024
Morning Report 05 Jun 24: ASX to open lower on concerns of growth data stalling

Join Tom and Ryan as they discuss Wall Street's recovery on the back of softer employment figures, and the pressure on Aussie shares due to declining commodity prices. As the 5th of June unfolds, they delve into the implications of the Jolt Survey results, revealing the lowe...

10 min
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