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COMMERCE TOMORROW is a podcast series hosted by tech entrepreneurs and ecommerce veterans Kelly Goetsch and Dirk Hoerig discussing the latest developments and technologies used at global brands and retailers that are at the forefront of growth and innovation. Listen in to interviews with recognized technology leaders and learn how technology is driving their business.


Last Episode Date: 8 May 2024

Total Episodes: 87

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8 May 2024
Andy Hoar, Leading Authority on B2B eCommerce Business & Strategy

Dirk and Kelly dive into all things B2B commerce with Andy Hoar, one of the world’s foremost experts in B2B commerce. From a modern definition of B2B, to the state of B2B commerce, this episode covers composability in the B2B context, what’s next from Paradigm B2B and a ...

44 min
17 April 2024
Paul Hornby on The Very Group's Composable Commerce Journey

Recorded live and in-person from commercetools’ Elevate - The Global Commerce Summit in Miami Beach, FL, we welcome Paul Hornby, Director of Digital Commerce Experience at The Very Group which boasts a heritage dating back to the late 1800s. Paul speaks of his journey towa...

22 min
4 March 2024
The ABC's of SaaS Finance with commercetools CFO Dan Murphy

Step inside commercetools with Dirk and Kelly as they sit down with commercetools’ own CFO, Dan Murphy. This is an enlightening discussion around company efficiencies, key metrics to judge the health of a SaaS business, and what metrics to look for at various stages of com...

39 min
18 January 2024
Simplifying Commercial-side of MACH

From a technology-standpoint, MACH is fantastic. However, the commercial-side of MACH can be cumbersome. Live from MACH Haus in New York, Kelly and Piyush Patel (Chief Strategic Business Development Officer of Algolia) go deep on the various industry initiatives to simplify ...

38 min
22 December 2023
2023 End of Year Recap / Looking Forward to 2024

That’s a wrap for 2023! In this jam packed episode, Dirk & Kelly discuss their recent trips, recap Black Friday / Cyber Monday, AI innovations at commercetools and across the industry, the changing competitive landscape, the economy and its impact to the tech ecosystem...

63 min
24 November 2023
Maia Benson, MD of Forum Ventures, on Order Management

Hosts Dirk Hoerig and Kelly Goetsch welcome Maia Benson, Managing Director of Forum Ventures. The discussion traces Maia's e-commerce and logistics journey, spotlighting her pivotal role at Shopify and the challenges of building the self-embedded shipping network. They cover...

31 min
13 November 2023
Greg Alvo, Founder/CEO of Ordergroove on Subscriptions

Greg Alvo, Founder/CEO of Ordergroove on Subscriptions by CommerceTomorrow

26 min
1 October 2023
Phillip Jackson & Brian Lange of Future Commerce

In this episode, Kelly Goetsch and Dirk Hoerig speak with Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange, founders of the media company, Future Commerce. Tune is as this roundtable provides cultural insight on the future of commerce. Is commerce simply technology that we adopt or is the fu...

42 min
24 August 2023
Seed-stage Investing with Mu Ventures' GP, Gary Benerofe

Mu Ventures runs a $10m fund focused on seed and pre-seed rounds. In this episode, we discuss the role of venture capital(VC) in tech, key terms in the VC space, the value VC offers to startups and to end-consumers, and the mechanics of how fundraises work. We also get Mu's ...

31 min
2 August 2023
Tercera's Bill Petty & Michelle Swan + Orium's Jason Cottrell on SIs

Tercera is the leading growth private equity firm in the composable space, providing growth capital to systems integrators (including Orium). Think of Tercera as a VC but exclusively for growing SIs. In this episode, Bill and Michelle explain what they look for when making i...

38 min
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