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ComixLaunch: Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers on Kickstarter… and Beyond!

ComixLaunch: Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers on Kickstarter... and Beyond!


Last Episode Date: 9 June 2024

Total Episodes: 483

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9 June 2024
How to Fund Comics Distribution Into Comic Shops? [Rob Multari’s MasterMind Hotseat]

After a lot of success serializing his series Night Wolf on Kickstarter, Rob Multari thinks he's finally ready to distribute through Diamond Distribution to get his books into comic book shops. The problem? How to deal with the upfront funding costs associated with direct ma...

54 min
2 June 2024
Finding balance between inspiration and what sells on Kickstarter? [Caleb Palmquist’s MasterMind Hotseat]

Pull up a chair and join an all-star crew of creators as mastermind season of the ComixLaunch podcast returns! As he attempts to move toward being a full-time creator, writer Caleb Palmquist is struggling to find a balance between the things that inspires him as a creator an...

60 min
26 May 2024
Late Pledges Available for All New Kickstarter Projects! Surprises and Protips to Keep the Funding Coming!

Kickstarter has rolled out its new "late pledges" feature for all creators... and we now have answers to some of the biggest questions we've had about how late pledges will work! (It's different than you might have assumed.) In this session, we'll break down the new feature ...

61 min
19 May 2024
Comics Crowdfunding News Round-Up

Let's get you caught up on a quick scan of recent comic book and crowdfunding news that ComixLaunch listeners should know about, including Diamond Comics distributors entry into the crowdfunding fulfillment game, as well as recent trends and announcement from Kickstarter.

69 min
12 May 2024
ComixLaunch Pro Spotlight: Leveling Up with Brian J. Lambert

Get to know award-winning author Brian J. Lambert, as he chats with ComixLaunch's Clay Adams, spotlighting his journey raising over $100,000 in funding on Kickstarter, and decision to join the ComixLaunch Pro program to take his campaigns to new heights.

55 min
5 May 2024
Is a Crackdown Coming on NSFW Comic Crowdfunding?

There's buzz that a crackdown is coming (or is it already here) on the not safe for work (NSFW) spicy comics space, which has become one of the most dominant genres in crowdfunding. Let's discuss!

93 min
28 April 2024
Serializing Ongoing Anthologies Through Crowdfunding with Will Robson

UK comic creator Will Robson returns to the ComixLaunch Podcast to share what he's learned serializing OUTBREAKS, "The Only Ongoing Zombie Anthology Comic" on Kickstarter over the past year. He and Tyler will discuss the state of crowdfunding in 2024 and topics related to fr...

69 min
21 April 2024
Kickstarter to Support Late Pledges! Shots Fired in the Crowdfunding Wars

Kickstarter announced this morning that it will be unlocking a LATE PLEDGES feature soon for all Kickstarter campaigns. Here's an instant reaction discussing the details, pros, cons, questions, and implications.

88 min
14 April 2024
ComixLaunch Pro Spotlight: How Jack Harris Raised $16K on His First Kickstarter

Writer Jack Harris Jr, creator of Terminus Veil and Clash Digital Publishing is featured in this month's ComixLaunch Pro spotlight. In this session, you'll hear how Jack founded his publishing company on three key principles, which are high quality artwork, diverse character...

50 min
7 April 2024
Crowdfunding Steamy Comics with Death’s Kiss’ Russell Nohelty

Writer Russell Nohelty returns to the ComixLaunch podcast for a discussion about Kickstarter collaboration, the world of romance and steamy NSFW comics crowdfunding, and what's working now for creatives. Get your popcorn ready and something to take notes with... it's going ...

95 min
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