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Cloud and Clear

The Cloud and Clear podcast explores the journey of SADA at the tip of the spear in helping organizations transform the way their people work, and the way their industry goes to market in the context of Google Cloud. It features experts from SADA, partners, and our customers discussing and debating what digital transformation means in the real world.


Last Episode Date: 11 June 2024

Total Episodes: 183

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11 June 2024
Mastering Real-Time Customer Data Analysis with Quantum Metric and AI | EP 181

In this episode, Tony Safoian interviews Mario Ciabarra, the CEO and founder of Quantum Metric. They discuss Mario's background and journey as an entrepreneur, as well as the evolution of Quantum Metric and its product. They highlight the importance of understanding and list...

30 min
28 May 2024
From De-Extinction to Drug Discovery: SADA Explores the Future of Life Sciences with Form Bio | EP 180

Cloud and Clear, SADA's Cloud Transformation podcast, brings in Michael Ames, Managing Director of Industry Professional Services at SADA, to highlight Form Bio. We introduce Chris Haas, Head of Partner Engineering, and Doug Daniels, Chief Technology Officer at Form Bio, to ...

19 min
14 May 2024
Delivering Security: Papa Johns’ Cloud-Based Pizza Revolution | EP 179

Join host Rocky Giglio in this engaging episode of "Cloud and Clear" as he sits down with Sarika Attal and Shellie Dreistadt from Papa Johns'. Dive into a discussion on leveraging cloud technology and security at scale in the fast-paced world of pizza delivery. Sarika, VP, E...

23 min
30 April 2024
Behind the Bouquet: FTD’S CLoud Transformation with SADA | EP 178

Join us for a special Mother’s Day edition of Cloud and Clear from SADA, featuring an in-depth discussion with Steve Ridley, VP of Infrastructure at FTD. Hosted by Michael Ames, Managing Director at SADA, this episode dives into FTD’s transformative journey from on-premi...

26 min
16 April 2024
From Startup to AI Pioneer: FullStory's Transformative Journey | EP 177

In this episode of the Cloud and Clear podcast, hosted by Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA, we delve into a captivating conversation with Scott Voigt, CEO and Co-founder of FullStory. Recorded at FullStory's headquarters near Buckhead in Atlanta, GA, this installment of the CEO ser...

24 min
2 April 2024
The SADA and Wiz Alliance: Building a Secure Future with AI | EP. 176

In this episode of Cloud and Clear, host Rocky Giglio, Global Director of Security at Sada, welcomes Scott Sumner, Director of Global Strategic Alliance at Wiz, for an in-depth conversation about the forefront of cloud security and artificial intelligence. They dive into Wiz...

20 min
19 March 2024
Multi-Cloud Mastery: How Businesses Win with a Hybrid Approach Part 2 | EP 175

Join us for an enlightening discussion on the rapidly evolving tech landscape in 2024. Miles Ward and Juan Orlandini delve into the complexities of navigating cost efficiency, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud strategies amidst rising prices and continuous changes. Discover how ...

17 min
5 March 2024
Decoding Multi-Cloud Integration for Technology Leaders with SADA and Insight Part 1 | EP 174

Join Miles Ward, CTO of SADA, and his guest Juan Orlandini, CTO at Insight, on the latest episode of Cloud and Clear for a deep dive into the future of cloud computing. The conversation highlights how businesses navigate the complexities of adopting cloud technologies as the...

20 min
20 February 2024
The Revolutionary Power of Web3 and AI: A Trust-Based Future with SADA | EP 173

Welcome to the forefront of digital transformation with SADA's latest podcast episode, where we delve into the intriguing world of Web3 and AI. Our experts, Michael Ames, and David Carter, guide you through the evolution from Web1's basic information access to Web3's trust-b...

24 min
6 February 2024
SADA and Insight: Transforming The Cloud Industry Together | EP 172

Dive into the world of technology, innovation, and leadership in this captivating episode of Cloud and Clear. Join host Tony Safoian as he engages in an enlightening conversation with Joyce Mullen, the CEO and President of Insight. Together, they explore a spectrum of topics...

29 min
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