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Circuit and Gear

Join Gareth and Mike as we chat about the technology used in scenic automation. We dive into machine design, programming, and electronics, and how all that stuff can be used on stage to bring motion into live performances. We also might take an occasional detour to talk about other interesting gadgets.


Last Episode Date: 31 May 2024

Total Episodes: 77

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31 May 2024
Episode 77 - Talking Automation With Joe Jeremy

Gareth, Kody, and Christian got the chance to sit down and chat with Joe Jeremy! They started with Joe’s impressive career starting as a carpenter all the way through founding Niscon. Along the way they also got to talk about some of the cool projects Joe’s worked on all...

75 min
29 April 2024
Episode 76 - Bugs Lots Of Bugs

Mike, Kody, Christian, and Gareth have been squashing lots of bugs over the last month and have lots to say about them. In the midst of bug squashing Gareth also built a 6-axis show and Kody designed a new Stagehand.

105 min
1 April 2024
Episode 75 - CAT1 & USITT

Mike, Kody, Christian, and Gareth get together to chat about CAT1 stopping and brake sequencing for an upcoming job in Hawaii. Kody and Mike also recount some of the fun from USITT this year, all of which leads to an impromptu discussion about our headphones.

91 min
1 March 2024
Episode 74 - Tech Support & Product Summit

Gareth, Mike, Kody, and Christian are back discussing some of the ever-green tech support issues and some of the new products that were proposed during Creative Conners’ annual product summit. All of this set to the dulcet tones of general contractors renovating the new of...

86 min
31 January 2024
Episode 73 - New, New, New

Gareth, Mike, Christian, and Kody are back discussing bringing New features to old controllers, big New Spikemark features, and the New ways they’re looking at the company and what they do.

66 min
30 December 2023
Bonus 2023 Year End Review

Kody, Christian, Mike, and Gareth are here to look back on 2023 in this very special bonus episode.

62 min
30 December 2023
Episode 71 - Geffen Vortek Retrofit

Kody, Christian, Mike, and Gareth chat for 4 hours about the Geffen Vortek retrofit that Kody and Christian were just on site for, and even in this abridged version they follow all the tangents.

82 min
30 November 2023
Episode 70 - New Services, Tangents, and Farewells

Mike, Kody, Christian, Harry, and Gareth are back at it introducing some new service offerings from Creative Conners. In the midst of all the new they(Kody) experience some technical difficulties and really lean into the “other cool tech” part of the show with some tange...

67 min
31 October 2023
Episode 69 - New And Improved

The gang's all here! Kody, Christian, Harry, Mike, and Gareth are back this time discussing the upcoming improvements to Spikemark groups, the brand new Spotline Mini, and some cool new features in Fusion 360. Along the way they get distracted with Christian’s impeccable n...

61 min
25 September 2023
Episode 68 - Gareth’s Back With Some Custom Jobs, Cool Sensors, And Fun Business News

Gareth’s back on the podcast with Christian, Kody, Harry, and Mike. They have lots to say about some custom jobs, new products, cool sensors, and much more.

81 min
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