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We’re the CIPD — the professional body for HR and people development. We are the voice of a worldwide community of more than 150,000 members committed to championing better work and working lives.

Last Episode Date: 7 May 2024

Total Episodes: 205

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7 May 2024
Podcast 207: HR's next top operating model

In a world heavily influenced by technology and evolving views on leadership and employee experience, people practice by and large, is still founded on the so-called 'Ulrich HR operating model' that was put forward in the 90s. Is it finally time to consider HR's next top ope...

34 min
9 April 2024
Podcast 206: Evidence-based L&D - The gift of artificial intelligence

Digital innovation has continued to move at an unprecedented pace, and few would argue the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) has shifted the model for organisations, and equally, if not more so, in the realm of L&D. 2023 research from the CIPD revealed that just ...

31 min
5 March 2024
Podcast 205: Is your organisation neuroinclusive?

Awareness of what it means to be neurodivergent has grown amongst employers, as well as the understanding of the value this talent pool offers the organisation. But what does it mean to be neuroinclusive? Are we in danger of pigeon-holing or shoehorning neurodivergent talent...

31 min
6 February 2024
Podcast 204: Why should environmental sustainability matter to people professionals?

There’s no time to lose in making our businesses environmentally sustainable, but among the myriad of responsibilities falling on the shoulders of people professionals, what role can you play as agents of change within the environment agenda? Join Nigel Cassidy and this m...

31 min
9 January 2024
Podcast 203: What makes the ideal people professional?

The role of a people professional can often feel like an impossible task, being pulled from pillar to post in one of the most multi-faceted jobs in the organisation. Given the growing portfolio of responsibilities that people professionals need to manage, and the expectation...

35 min
5 December 2023
Podcast 202: Evidence-based L&D - Asking the right questions

Learning professionals may not be asked to ‘show me the money’, but they will be expected to demonstrate value and return on investment. So, what can learning professionals do to best set themselves up for success? Could the answer lie in simply asking the right question...

29 min
7 November 2023
Podcast 201: Embedding a principles-based wellbeing Strategy

CIPD’s latest health and wellbeing at work report revealed that sickness absence is at a ten-year high and that wellbeing support for individuals at different life stages can be patchy. So, how can organisations offer sophisticated and nuanced wellbeing support without tru...

35 min
3 October 2023
Podcast 200: Has working remotely killed organisational culture?

How are you balancing new working freedoms with post-Covid realities? For many organisations, remote working was a boon that enabled their businesses to carry on through the pandemic. All the while their people uncovered and experienced the benefits that working remotely had...

31 min
5 September 2023
Podcast 199: Evidence-based L&D - Overcoming capacity and resourcing challenges

Despite increased resources in most organisations, CIPD’s 2023 Learning at Work survey found that over half of L&D teams had intensified workloads over the last year. This has left L&D professionals battling with a lack of capacity, puzzling over business prioritie...

35 min
1 August 2023
Podcast 198: Cybersecurity – Are your people your greatest risk?

Is your cybersecurity training fit for purpose? There’s a common perception that cybersecurity is an issue for the IT function, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that modern cyber-criminals have mastered the psychological techniques of manipulat...

35 min
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