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Chorus One Podcast

Welcome to the Chorus One podcast - your gateway to exploring the projects we endorse, shedding light on their latest endeavors and advancements. We invite top-notch individuals from various projects, protocols, and networks who pour their passion into their work, giving you an inside look into their work. Tune in to stay in the loop!


Last Episode Date: 22 May 2024

Total Episodes: 69

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22 May 2024
How will Avalanche tokenize all the world's assets? | Chorus One Podcast S2E10

The 10th episode of the Chorus One Podcast S2 welcomes Morgan Krupetsky from Ava Labs, the team behind Avalanche. Avalanche's mission, as stated often, is to "tokenize all the world's assets." In this engaging conversation, Morgan chats with hosts Erwin Torreao Dassen and A...

59 min
15 May 2024
Exploring restaking strategies and risks with Sreeram Kannan | Chorus One Podcast S2E9

In episode 9 of the Chorus One Podcast S2, we are thrilled to welcome a special guest: Sreeram Kannan, the founder of EigenLayer!  Sreeram joins our podcast to delve into restaking and the AVS economy, covering topics ranging from optimal strategies for restakers and node ...

62 min
10 May 2024
How does Babylon empower the Bitcoin ecosystem with Staking & Timestamping? |Chorus One Podcast S2E8

The current growing interest in Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions is remarkable, and Babylon Chain is at the forefront, setting the standard for empowering the Bitcoin ecosystem with innovative staking and timestamping features.  In this episode of the Chorus One podcast, we're thr...

39 min
25 April 2024
How does Lava scale Web3 data access across ALL blockchains and rollups? | Chorus One podcast Ep0207

In episode #7, we're thrilled to have Yair Cleper from Lava Network joining us. Your hosts for this episode are Thalita Franklin and Luis Clavijo. Lava Network uses a novel mechanism called Incentivized Public RPC which allows chains/rollups to permissionlessly bootstrap an...

48 min
21 March 2024
How does Soarchain unlock DePIN's potential? | S2E5

In Episode 6, we're excited to welcome Kerem Ozkan, the Founder of Soarchain, and Deniz Kalaslioglu, the Co-founder and CTO, as they dive into Soarchain's pivotal role in harnessing the full capabilities of its Layer 1 DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) bu...

50 min
16 January 2024
NEAR Protocol: Exploring the Path Ahead in 2024 with Altan Tutar | S2E5

Welcome to the S2 Ep 5 of the Chorus One Podcast! Every quarter, Chorus One releases an ecosystem review of a chosen protocol we support and have confidence in. In the third quarter of 2023, our spotlight was on NEAR Protocol, and now we're thrilled to welcome Altan Tutar, ...

37 min
30 November 2023
The Path to a 100k Subnets with Luigi D'Onorio DeMeo, Ava Labs S2E4

S2Ep #4 features Luigi D'Onorio DeMeo, Head of DeFi at Ava Labs. In October 2023, Patrick O'Grady, Ava Labs' VP of Platform Engineering, unveiled ACP #13, proposing revamped minimum requirements for Subnet validators.  In this podcast, our Engineering Lead Erwin Dassen and ...

53 min
3 November 2023
Lex Avellino, | Chorus One Podcast S2E3

In Season 2, Episode 3, we revisit to get an update on their ecosystem roadmap. Join us in this episode as we talk to Lex Avellino, the Founder of!, built on the Cosmos platform, is an innovative platform that equips creators with the tools t...

45 min
27 September 2023
Steven Gates, GoGoPool | Chorus One Podcast S2E2

In Episode 2 of Season 2 of the Chorus One Podcast, we have the pleasure of welcoming Steven Gates, the Founder of GoGoPool. In this conversation, hosts Luis Núñez Clavijo and Erwin Dassen speak with Steven about GoGoPool's primary mission, which is to simplify the process...

43 min
22 August 2023
Griffin Anderson, Archway Network | Chorus One Podcast S2E1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the freshly unveiled season two of the Chorus One Podcast! In this episode, we welcome Griffin Anderson, the CEO of Phi Labs and Co-founder of Archway Network, for the second iteration of our conversation centered around Archway Network....

46 min
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