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ChiroFEAST: THE Podcast for Chiropractors and Entrepreneurs

On ChiroFEAST, host Dr. Jeff Danielson and his guests serve up wisdom in the successful practice of chiropractic, the world of entrepreneurialism, and mentorship to navigating this crazy thing we call life. Having built, bought, and sold many chiropractic practices and as an owner of 19 LLCs, Dr. Jeff loves sharing the spirit of entrepreneurship and Paying it Forward. Listen to learn from his mistakes & successes to make yourself a better leader, entrepreneur, team member, and to even help make yourself a better person! Be inspired, be engaged, and Pay It Forward.

Last Episode Date: 30 April 2024

Total Episodes: 173

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30 April 2024
169: The Coffeeshop Experience

Are you looking to transform your practice into a place where patients can unwind, feel at ease, and find escape from the daily grind? Take these tips on how to cultivate this inviting atmosphere and establish a practice that fosters long-lasting patient loyalty.To learn mor...

37 min
16 April 2024
168: The Business of Wellness: A Bootcamp of Great Strategies

Tune in to this conversation with Dr. Jeff, Dr. Dane Donohue, and Dr. Justin Nye to hear the Top 5 Keys to Success in the wellness business. During this conversation, the three share insights for achieving success in this competitive industry. Listen to gain valuable tips an...

61 min
2 April 2024
167: The "IT" Factor & How To Add Revenue To Your Business

An interview with Jessica Jones, serial healthcare entrepreneur, who has started and sold over 20 healthcare businesses and advises dozens more! This conversation broaches getting teammates on the same page, developing your "IT" factor, growth through simplificatio...

48 min
19 March 2024
166: WARNING COMPLETED: Part 3 of 7 Ways Young Docs Will Cost You $$$!

Money goes down the drain if you don't master these things in your practice. Tune into the last part of this series so you can train your young docs to avoid damaging your bottom line!To learn more about Dr. Jeff, his Pay it Forward mission, and coaching, visit

36 min
5 March 2024
165: WARNING Part 2: 7 Ways Associates/Interns Will Cost You $$$!

Are you doing some of these things in your practice?? Don't make these mistakes that many young doctors make. Your practice and your wallet will thank you later!To learn more about Dr. Jeff, his Pay it Forward mission, and coaching, visit

37 min
20 February 2024
164: WARNING: 7 Ways Associates/Interns Will Cost You $$$!

Tune into Part 1 of 3 where Dr. Jeff breaks down the things that a young doctor will do or not do that will make your wallet thinner. YikesTo learn more about Dr. Jeff, his Pay it Forward mission, and coaching, visit or email mybigfishinfo@gmai...

41 min
6 February 2024
163: Additional Revenue Stream: And NOT Rectal Exams!

Passionate Health Coach and Functional Medicine Coordinator, Hally Brooke, explains how a Power Partnership works and the different benefits this type of partnership can bring to your business model. You can benefit financially and bring more value to your clients/patients...

37 min
23 January 2024
162: The Trust-ometer Explained

Dr. Jeff explains the true basics of how to get patients to get to "YES". Meaning they start care, complete a strong corrective care plan, and transition to a wellness plan. It's simple but it's hard. Take this episode to heart, try implementing the...

29 min
9 January 2024
161: Top 10 Things That Must Be on Your Website Homepage

What's the one thing that your website is doing that's killing your business? What should you expect your website to do for you? And how can you monetize your website so that it is an investment that makes you money rather than costing you money? Tune into this int...

56 min
22 December 2023
160: Christmas & Chiropractic? A Story You May Not Know

It's two of many of our favorite things, Jesus and Chiropractic! Tune in to hear a special story about the miracle of John the Baptist, Jesus, and the power of the human body. Share this Christmas episode with someone who will appreciate this story in honor of the reaso...

22 min
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