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Changing the Perception of Sales

Talking to the real people in Sales. Learning about their journey, the things they've learnt and the challenges they've faced to become top-performing salespeople. This series is to continue our vision to Change the Perception of Sales and make it a career of choice. We strongly believe that by bringing successful people together, we can add value and insight to salespeople who want to develop themselves and sales leaders who want to build their teams/businesses.


Last Episode Date: 11 June 2024

Total Episodes: 25

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11 June 2024
Robin Burr - Sales Therapy, Hypnosis & How To Achieve Consistency

In this episode, we're joined by Robin Burr, a Sales Performance Trainer and Therapist at UGen Training and Consultancy. Robin shares his unique perspective on the often-overlooked psychological aspects of sales.Drawing from his initial experiences in sales, Robin sheds...

59 min
14 May 2024
Michaela Wain - BBC Apprentice Finalist - Life Before & After

Michaela Wain, Managing Director and Founder of Design & Build, an award-winning national online and hard copy construction magazine, joins us for another fantastic podcast episode! Michaela began in construction sales before launching her own businesses. She aims to edu...

62 min
16 April 2024
Anna Bella - PIP to Director in Five Years

In this insightful episode of the "Changing the Perception of Sales" podcast series, Anna Bella, Director of Sales Development, joins us to share her unique perspectives and experiences that have shaped her career journey.Get ready to dive into a captivating discus...

51 min
3 April 2024
James Ski - How To Build Sales Confidence

Get ready for an insightful conversation with James Ski, CEO & Founder of Sales Confidence, on The Changing the Perception of Sales Podcast Series. James brings a wealth of experience as one of the most successful salespeople at LinkedIn, where he played a pivotal role i...

49 min
6 February 2023
Tom Lavery - How to Build Your Own SaaS Company

Tom Lavery is the Co-Founder & CEO at Jiminny, a product that not only attracts, supports and retains top talent but empowers them to fulfil their potential! Tom started his sales career at 18 but progressed to management in his early 20s, occupied a board-level position...

52 min
19 January 2023
David Bentham - Starting Your Sales Career Down Under

Few of us can say we started our sales career going door to door in Australia. And few of us know the nerve-wracking feeling of knocking on someone's door and not knowing how they're going to react… David Bentham, Director of Sales Development at Cognism, joined...

58 min
5 January 2023
Zandra Moore - Becoming a CEO in SaaS, Whilst Tackling the Gender Agenda

Did you know only 1% of capital funding is awarded to women business owners in the UK, and only 0.1% is based in Leeds?! Well, Zandra Moore is on a mission to change that!Zandra Moore is the Co-Founder & CEO of Panintelligence, an embedded data analytics platform for bus...

67 min
6 December 2022
Miranda Mathews - Everything Has A Cost: How To Deal With Pressure To Be Successful

Beginning your sales career selling Chocolate Almonds to now being the Managing Director of the number one booking platform in Europe for hair and beauty appointments is a story worth listening to! Miranda Mathews joins us on the podcast and talks to us about;Her initial exp...

54 min
15 November 2022
Marco Santa Maria - Would You Leave a 6-figure Sales Job to Travel the World?

Would you leave a 6-figure Sales Leadership role in SaaS to travel the world full-time? Well that's exactly what Marco did... Born & raised in Queens, New York, Marco was introduced to sales from a young age and in 2016 had the opportunity to move to London to mana...

51 min
10 November 2022
Paul Cheetham-Karcz - Fear of Failure & Cultivating High Performance

This podcast is all about Sales... So why did we have an Accountant on?Paul Cheetham-Karcz, Founder and Managing Partner at Sedulo, has built and managed a successful financial consultancy firm with offices across the UK and understands why Sales is so integral to any busine...

69 min
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