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Recordings from the BCVA Board and invited guests, with a mix of farm vet news, CPD and current affairs.


Fireflies and Stardust by Kevin MacLeod



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Last Episode Date: 3 April 2024

Total Episodes: 36

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3 April 2024
Cattlecast - Episode 36

BCVA offers grants to enable research that might not receive funding from other sources; the broad criteria indicates that it should be of direct relevance to cattle vets in the UK. BCVA also aims to use this funding to support our members, who otherwise might not have the o...

13 min
15 January 2024
Cattlecast - Episode 35

Vets Claire Grigson and Katie Ford talk to Kat Hart about meeting life’s personal and professional challenges. They tell us about how their careers in the veterinary profession, combined with personal struggles, led them to combining all these experiences to develop Vet Em...

46 min
7 November 2023
Cattlecast - Episode 34

Laura Donovan, from Nantwich Farm Vets, talks to Kat Hart about the incoming veterinary attestations. With signs now being displayed at markets, it is more likely that farm vets are going to be asked about this by their clients. Laura outlines a realistic approach to the def...

14 min
24 October 2023
Cattlecast - Episode 33

Vet Record Editor in Chief, Suzanne Jarvis, talks to Kat Hart about working with BVA publications since 1998 and the changes in the profession that she’s covered in her various editorial roles. She tells us about the impact of online publishing, being editorially independe...

30 min
10 May 2023
Cattlecast - Episode 32

Each July we open nominations for BCVA Board positions, and here we talk to some of those new members who joined us in 2022. Rose Jackson, James Adams, Amy Cox, and Lara Robinson tell Kat Hart about what made them want to be a part of the association. They talk about the opp...

27 min
30 March 2023
Cattlecast - Episode 31

In this episode Kat Hart talks to vet George Brownlee, CEO of Farm Vet Systems Ltd and VetIMPRESS. He outlines how his love of working with farmers and his own desire to have more information and data as a farm vet to inform clinical decision making, led to the development o...

36 min
1 March 2023
Cattlecast - Episode 30

An important and informative CattleCast where Kat Hart talks to Renzo Di Florio, a farm vet with a special interest in infectious diseases who transferred from practice to industry in 2022 to work with Ceva. He tells us about the diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment of Q Fever...

22 min
6 January 2023
Cattlecast - Episode 29

Kat Hart talks to David Black, Tom Warboys, Megan Williamson, and Lisa Morgans about the new Vet Sustain/Vet Salus course that is helping our profession become sustainability leaders in UK agriculture. The conversation explores how improving animal health and welfare – the...

29 min
19 December 2022
Cattlecast - Episode 28

Nicole Baldry, Dairy Veterinary Technical Advisor with MSD Animal Health, talks to Kat Hart about Salmonella. We explore the seen and hidden clinical signs, prevalence rates (higher than you might imagine!), the impact on a herd, and how to prevent an outbreak.  Mu...

28 min
5 December 2022
Cattlecast - Episode 27

Ele Brown, head of the TB policy team at Defra, outlines the ongoing impact of the government’s bTB eradication strategy – where there have been improvements and the status of the worst hit Edge Areas. She shows appreciation for the work of the private farm vet and talks...

29 min
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