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Carpe Dime

Carpe Dime is an all-new podcast about seizing the day without making financial decisions that could seize your wallet. Join our two hosts, James Davidson and Nicole Jackson, for new episodes every other week as they talk about life, personal finances, and everything in between!


Last Episode Date: 6 June 2024

Total Episodes: 51

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6 June 2024
Building Credit Confidence in College

Your college years set the stage for lifelong financial health. In this Carpe Dime episode, "Building Credit Confidence in College," hosts Nicole Jackson and Jamie Davidson provide advice for students to establish and grow their credit, helping create a strong financial foun...

17 min
6 March 2024
Episode 50: 6 Ways to Stay Financially Fit

While it's important to monitor your financial progress, the real power lies in combining this with a holistic approach.In our latest Carpe Dime podcast episode, "6 Ways to Stay Financially Fit," hosts Jamie Davidson and Nicole Jackson discuss what a fiscal workout plan is a...

16 min
20 November 2023
Episode 49: What’s a PreApproval?

Surprise, you’re approved! Getting preapproved has several advantages. Before settling on one preapproval, you might want to get preapproved by several lenders to compare terms and ensure you are getting the best deal. Join our hosts, Jamie and Nicole as they explore and d...

18 min
6 October 2023
Episode 48: Special Types of Insurance

Insurance, it’s all the same right? Wrong! Did you know that when it comes to insurance there is more available to you than the standard health insurance? Join our hosts, Jamie and Nicole, as they explore and discuss insurance coverage options that you may want to consider...

17 min
8 September 2023
Episode 47: Six Ways to Save

Listen in as our hosts, Jamie and Nicole, give you a one-stop guide that covers six strategies to up your savings game. 💰See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

26 min
25 May 2023
The Keys to a New Auto Loan

Before planning your summer road trip, it's time to find your dream ride. Join Jamie and Nicole, your hosts of the Carpe Dime podcast, as they explore the ins and outs of financing your next vehicle.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notic...

14 min
12 May 2023
What the HELOC?!?

What in the world is a HELOC or a Home Equity Line of Credit? Join Jamie and Nicole as they discuss how a HELOC can put the value in your home to work for you. Financial Center is an Equal Housing Lender.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy ...

13 min
16 February 2023
What is a Credit Union?

Join host Jamie and Nicole as the discuss the difference between a Credit Union and a Bank. See how you may be able to benefit from being a member of a Credit Union.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

14 min
16 December 2022
Pros & Cons of Credit Cards

Credit Cards can be a useful tool to fit your financial needs. Although there are some drawbacks to them, Jamie and Nicole discuss the Pros and Cons of Credit Cards.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

20 min
15 November 2022
Time to be an Adult

Being an Adult can be harder than what we imagined some time. Learn how you are able to navigate through moving out on your own with new found responsibilities.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

33 min
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