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Caroline’s Club

Welcome to 'Caroline's Club'. You will hear first-hand discussions from a wide network of experts and respected specialists on how to protect and preserve the wealth of the world’s rich and famous. Interviews are led by Caroline Garnham, CEO of GFOS, a lawyer and tax specialist with decades of experience in guiding UHNW families to the solution which best suits them and their family. Subscribe to our Podcast and learn from expert Professionals.


Last Episode Date: 10 May 2024

Total Episodes: 53

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10 May 2024
Environmental, Social and Governance, Selina Sagayam: Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

Selina Sagayam is an English-qualified senior counsel and recent former partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher's London office. She is a pioneer and leader in the firm's Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG) practice and a member of its international corporate ...

34 min
27 April 2024
Cayman Islands, Anthony Travers: Travers Thorp Alberga

In Episode 54, Caroline talks to Anthony Travers OBE, who left the UK when the top tax rate was 98% to work and live in Cayman. Anthony is the former senior partner and managing partner of Maples and Calder and the current senior partner of the Cayman Islands and British Vi...

26 min
11 April 2024
Helping Families Plan Their Future, Arabella Murphy: Propitious

Arabella Murphy is the Founder and CEO of Propitious (London) Ltd. Propitious is a consultancy that advises wealthy families and individuals worldwide on strategic matters of practical importance and mediation. It helps clients find clear and constructive solutions to their ...

26 min
23 March 2024
Personal Security for Wealthy Families, Bob Morrison: SecTech

In Episode 52, Caroline Garnham talks to Bob Morrison, Managing Director of SecTech, which he founded in 2006. Bob's business provides personal security for wealthy families. His vision is that rich families need to put as much thought into protecting the safety of their hom...

27 min
15 March 2024
Future of Investment Management, Simon O'Donoghue: Spring IM

In Episode 51, Caroline Garnham talks to Simon O'Donoghue Chief Executive Officer of Spring Investment Management, which Simon launched in 2022. It is the first digital platform in the offshore world. It is based in Jersey, where Simon lives with his family and claims to be ...

28 min
7 March 2024
Why Your Reputation Matters, Michael Farrant: Farrant Group

Michael Farrant is the founder of Farrant Group, which he set up in 2021. His company specialises in managing the reputations of private individuals, companies, and other organisations. He lives with his wife and three boys in Dubai, which he sees as set to grow, and he also...

30 min
7 February 2024
Wealth in Words, Jonathan Norbury: Lloyds Bank

In Episode 49, Caroline Garnham talks to Jonathan Norbury, head of the Key Clients team, which manages the highest profile and wealthiest clients of Lloyds Bank. Jonathan speaks of his degree in languages, which was less useful than he had hoped in his career in banking, alt...

30 min
23 January 2024
Wealth Management, Robert Morse: The Private Office

In Episode 48, Caroline talks to Robert Morse a partner at The Private Office. He is an independent wealth manager, investment advisor, financial planner, and investment and pension specialist. The Private Office operates as a Family Office for those families who do not wa...

28 min
17 January 2024
From Fashion to FinTech, Heather Anne Hubbell: Phundex

In Episode 47, Caroline Garnham speaks to Heather Anne Hubbell, a serial entrepreneur and experienced strategy consultant. Heather Anne is the founder of FinTech platform Phundex, which is a central collaboration platform she set up in April 2020. It focuses on managing tran...

29 min
12 January 2024
Services to Tax, Sir Edward Troup: HMRC

In Episode 46, Caroline Garnham talks to Sir Edward Troup, a British tax lawyer and former civil servant at HM Treasury and then HM Revenue and Customs. He spent two periods as a tax partner at the City of London law firm Simmons & Simmons from 1985 to 1995 and 1997 to 2...

28 min
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