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CAPITAL talkprivate wealth in a podcast

CAPITAL talk – private wealth in a podcast; hosted by James Quarmby, who examines the important topical issues facing the private wealth industry by way of searching interviews with key policy experts, practitioners and thought leaders.

Last Episode Date: 7 March 2024

Total Episodes: 9

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7 March 2024

James Quarmby talks to Lord Harrington, Conservative peer and former trade minister, about the complex political machinations behind this Budget, including why the Chancellor decided to abolish the non-dom regime but leave IHT in place and whether the election will affect th...

30 min
28 November 2022

James Quarmby chairs a lively debate with Elspeth Talbot Rice KC and Sparsh Garg, both from XXIV Old Buildings, on how protectors can be more trouble than they are worth and what we can do to control the risks.

13 min
26 October 2022
CRYPTO ASSETS – what are they and why should we care?

In this episode, James Quarmby dips into the weird and wonderful world of crypto assets with Niklas Schmidt of Wolf Theiss and comes to some surprising conclusions.

10 min
6 August 2020
British Overseas Territories adopt public ownership registers – is this the end of privacy as we know it?

James Quarmby is joined by Bernadette Carey and Keith Robinson (both of Carey Olsen) to discuss the decision of nine British overseas territories to introduce public registers of beneficial ownership of companies and how this will affect rights to privacy. We also discover s...

16 min
27 May 2020
Offshore lockdown! – what does the pandemic mean for the UK’s overseas territories

In this edition James, in conversation with Geoff Cook, former CEO of Jersey Finance, explores how the double-whammy of the pandemic and Brexit will affect the UK’s relationship with its overseas territories. Is it all doom and gloom, or is there a realistic opportunity of...

16 min
21 February 2020
The EU’s blacklist what is the EU’s strategy, how does the list operate and where will it leave the offshore finance centres

In a fascinating interview, James explores this highly topical issue with Richard Hay, who explains the EU’s strategy and why he thinks that “regulation is the new warfare”.

11 min
23 January 2020
When do our clients need bodyguards?

In this episode, James Quarmby explores with Kate Bright, licensed bodyguard and founder of UMBRA International, the world of personal security in all its forms and when clients may need to consider personal protection.

10 min
16 December 2019
The future of ‘offshore’ finance industry: is there a future and, if so, what will it look like?

In this episode James Quarmby discusses with Simon Filmer, global lead of company formation at Vistra, the prospects for the offshore finance industry generally, including the rise of ‘mid-shore’ jurisdictions, such as Dubai and Hong Kong.

12 min
8 November 2019
Labour’s tax plans: wealth taxes, gift taxes, exchange controls – what should we expect?

James Quarmby, in conversation with tax policy expert Oliver Cooper, explores the Labour Party’s tax policies – both public and private - and how they might affect HNWIs. Oliver also tells us all about his favourite cheese and what this tells us about Brexit.

11 min
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