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Candid Contributions

Ever wondered what it is about open source software that makes people want to give so freely of their time?

Well, this podcast for open-source contributors, future, past and present, by open-source contributors, is your one-stop shop to answering that question. We meet to discuss all things open-source; everything from the work itself to the communities we find ourselves in. Expect insight, ideas and idle chatter from four experienced developers: Lotte Pitcher, Carole Logan, Laura Weatherhead and Emma Burstow.


Last Episode Date: 2 May 2024

Total Episodes: 45

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2 May 2024
Toots, Tweets and Time Management

It's been 18 months since Elon Musk acquired Twitter and there's no denying he changed it irrevocably. We discuss how much we still miss the Twitter of old, and whether the Fediverse alternatives are bridging the gap.  We also talk about that most precious resource: time. ...

55 min
19 March 2024
The First Rule of the Microsoft MVP Summit

... is NOT "don't talk about the Microsoft MVP Summit". Quite the opposite, in fact, as you're actively encouraged to post on social media that you're there (#MVPSummit). You just can't share any of the information from the sessions as all the content is under NDA.    Em...

48 min
7 November 2023
Celebrating OSS contributions: 100 issues of Skrift

There are many ways to contribute to an open-source software community, such as attending a meetup, giving a talk at a conference or writing a blog post. In this episode we talk to Erica, Janae and Kyle: the team behind Skrift, the online monthly magazine for the Umbraco com...

63 min
21 June 2023
Live from Codegarden! with Special Guests!

Last week we recorded live at the Umbraco Codegarden conference in Denmark! Join us as we discuss what we love about the conference and meet our wonderful guests:Jan Skovgaard - an Umbraco community member with 14 years(!) of contributions: forum posts, packages, core pull r...

36 min
19 May 2023
In-person events: the ultimate OSS contribution?

Conferences, meetups, coding retreats … we discuss all sorts of in-person events and why they’re so important for a healthy community. Organising them is a lot of work, but perhaps this type of open source contribution is the most valuable... We're delighted to have been...

50 min
28 March 2023
Open Source for Education with Felienne Hermans

In this episode Laura has a chat with Felienne Hermans, the creator and maintainer of Hedy, a text based programming language with a community of educators and contrbutors. you have any feedback, comm...

42 min
17 March 2023
Spark your enthusiasm! Speaking and attending an in-person Umbraco innovation conference

In this episode we chat about the recent Umbraco Spark Innovation Conference that we all attended in person in Bristol. Plot-spoil: it was awesome! Carole, Laura and Lotte were on the speakers list so we discuss the talks they gave, everyone's highlights from the day, and ju...

32 min
31 January 2023
S4 Ep1: Authentic Boundaries

We take a look back at the best of 2022 (spoiler alert, July was THE month for us) and look forward to 2023. We discuss how we plan to spend our energy and how to do so without draining our reserves. Which conferences will we get to this year and what exactly is an 'authenti...

57 min
27 July 2022
S3 Ep4: Culture - more than just a hoodie

Having a good workplace culture leads to happy, productive developers. But what makes it 'good'? It’s not the same for everyone. We talk about workplace culture and the different environments we’ve witnessed from Silicon Valley to Denmark via the UK... We also chat veget...

55 min
6 July 2022
S3 Ep3: The Codegarden Effect

We are back and chatting about our (hybrid) attendance at Umbraco Codegarden conference. Join us as we interview some remote conference attendees on how the event was for them.Let us know what you think #theCodegardenEffect is!If you have any feedback, comments or questions ...

67 min
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