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Buzz About Biz

The world is buzzing with small businesses and new entrepreneurs. Listen along as we buzz about the process of turning your small business dreams into a reality, featuring new special guests on each episode! For more information, check out the Buzz About Biz website:


Last Episode Date: 11 April 2024

Total Episodes: 6

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11 April 2024
Buzz About Biz with Kathryn Hubert - Episode 6

How does disability employment advocacy fit into the restaurant industry? To answer this question, Kathryn Hubert, owner of Chez Genèse in downtown Greensboro, tells us about her restaurant's integrated hiring model and how her passion for belonging has shaped her smal...

22 min
3 April 2024
Buzz About Biz with Noah Lewis - Episode 5

Tune in to hear from Noah Lewis - one of the youngest NASCAR broadcasters in the world! Throughout college, Noah used his entrepreneurial skills to create his own content creation and broadcasting business. He continues this business even as a full-time public school teacher...

27 min
27 March 2024
Buzz About Biz with Kathryn Elliot - Episode 4

Professor Kathryn Elliot joined the Earl N. Phillips School of Business as an Assistant Professor of the Practice of Entrepreneurship and Director of the Entrepreneurship Center in 2014. Since then, she has been a pillar of support and networks for entrepreneurial students a...

23 min
13 March 2024
Buzz About Biz with Kristin Moore - Episode 3

What skills, experiences, and opportunities can you find in a marketing agency job? Listen as Kristin Moore tells us about how the team of women at her full-service marketing agency work together to put their clients first! She also buzzes about what she looks for in intervi...

28 min
28 February 2024
Buzz About Biz with Zander Betterton - Episode 2

In addition to studying as a senior at HPU, Zander Betterton has created his own company - Better Marketing! Zander specializes in photography, videography, and drone work. He continues to thrive as a marketing student while running his business and doing freelance videograp...

23 min
14 February 2024
Buzz About Biz with Jason Franklin - Episode 1

After a stint as a public school teacher, Jason Franklin founded Better Prep Success - programs providing ACT/SAT prep as well as College Bound Fundamentals which teaches families strategies on researching, financing, and finding the right college at the ideal price. Tune in...

27 min
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