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The BUILDINGS Podcast presents the latest developments and practices in facility management from energy management, lowering operating costs, maintenance of commercial buildings, life and safety, sustainability, green issues, project management, security, building performance and much more. Find more facility management news at Send any comments or questions to Support this podcast:


Last Episode Date: 20 May 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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20 May 2024
What It Takes to Design Large Venues

How does the fan experience affect the way Ervin Architecture approaches venue design? Learn the keys to creating large venues like the Maine Savings Amphitheater.

23 min
6 May 2024
What You Need to Know About Energy Systems and Electrification

Energy demands are growing with the push toward electrification. What are the barriers to addressing these demands, and how can building owners and managers overcome them? Justin Carron, Eaton’s director of buildings and campuses, joins BUILDINGS editor-in-chief Janelle Pe...

18 min
15 April 2024
What’s Next for BOMA International?

Henry H. Chamberlain, the president and COO of BOMA International and BOMI, is retiring at the end of 2024 after 39 years as a staff member of BOMA International—including nearly 23 years leading the organization. He’ll be succeeded by Mary Lue Peck, currently BOMA Inter...

23 min
1 April 2024
Water Damage: What To Do Before and After

Water can do incredible damage—and quickly. Here’s what you can do to mitigate weather-related damage, plus tips on working with remediation professionals after the fact. --- Support this podcast:

19 min
18 March 2024
Gear Up for Spring Storm Season

It’s time for spring thunderstorms. What can you do to shore up your properties? Join Chuck Miccolis of the Insurance Institute for Building & Home Safety on the Buildings Podcast for resilience tips. --- Support this podcast:

15 min
4 March 2024
How to Get Better Results with Vendors

Are you getting your needs met with the vendors you partner with? Check out these tips for better vendor relationships. --- Support this podcast:

11 min
19 February 2024
Women in Fenestration: Tips for Succeeding in Green Building

Learn how Women in Fenestration—a network launched by the National Fenestration Rating Council—is helping the building industry cultivate a more inclusive culture and a stronger future. --- Support this podcast:

10 min
5 February 2024
Adaptive Reuse: A Catalyst for Change in Chicago: ICYMI

Woodlawn Friend Health Center is a beacon for wellness in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood—but it started its lifecycle as a beauty wholesaler and supply store. --- Support this podcast:

5 min
15 January 2024
How Accessible Is Your Building?

About 61 million Americans live with a disability of some kind, including 20.6 million with ambulatory disabilities. Is your building accessible to them? --- Support this podcast:

8 min
1 January 2024
ICYMI: 3 Easy Ways to Provide Free Menstrual Products

Is your facility still relying on the old period product dispensers that charge a quarter? That could be a problem in a growing number of locations. --- Support this podcast:

5 min
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