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Breaking Health

The Breaking Health Podcast features the innovators, investors and entrepreneurs who are building the technology and tools to break down and build up the country’s ailing health care system. With seasoned health care investor Steve Krupa, CEO of the Psilos Group, as host, Breaking Health delivers the earliest insights on the ongoing Digital Health Revolution.


Last Episode Date: 20 February 2024

Total Episodes: 167

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20 February 2024
Episode: 167 - Generative AI in Healthcare: Hype or Hope?

At the Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit WEST 2024, leaders of the AI technology industry discussed the tangible progress that’s been made, identified which tools are useful (and not so useful), and charted the realities—and sensationalism—around how generative AI w...

50 min
21 November 2023
Episode: 166 - Andrew Adams On How to Find the Right Opportunities to Invest

When is the best time to make an investment? In the healthcare industry, this can be tricky to determine. In this episode of Breaking Health, host Steve Krupa speaks with Andrew Adams, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Oak HC/FT, about organizing capital into the right comp...

28 min
24 October 2023
Episode: 165 - Kyle Kiser Talks About Providing Patients Access To Medication Information And “Real Time Benefits”

When patients receive prescriptions, many find themselves at a loss over the lack of information on the medications’ clinical uses, costs, and more. In this episode of Breaking Health, host Steve Krupa speaks with Kyle Kiser, CEO of Arrive Health, about giving patients the...

26 min
18 July 2023
Episode: 164 - Navigating Healthcare Rates with Price Transparency

From sports goods salesman and stand-up comedian to co-founder and CEO of a software company, Chris Severn is helping patients by providing price transparency in healthcare through an easy-to-use platform. In this episode of Breaking Health, host Steve Krupa speaks with Seve...

26 min
20 June 2023
Episode: 163 - Women, Families, and Health: Understanding the Market, Its Impact, and How You Measure Success

For the past few years, digital health has made great strides in providing new ways of healthcare access for patients. But this also means new challenges and obstacles have emerged. This year, at the Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit, leaders in women’s health talked ab...

44 min
19 April 2023
Episode: 162 - Creating Market Pathways for Effective, Validated Digital Therapeutics

Kamal Jethwani began his medical training in India and soon found himself more intrigued by solving of the administrative issues around care delivery. This interest came to a head when he found himself on the front lines of crisis response when his 10-bed emergency departmen...

29 min
21 March 2023
Episode: 161 - Tomorrow Health CEO Vijay Kedar on the Coordination and Delivery of High-Quality and High-Efficiency Home Healthcare in Today’s Medical Landscape

Vijay Kedar, co-founder and CEO of Tomorrow Health, was raised in a family of physicians, often joking that he was “pre-med coming out of the womb.” However, it wasn’t until he took on managing his mother's care through stage III colorectal cancer and acute respir...

30 min
21 February 2023
Episode: 160 - A. J. Loiacono on Capital Rx’s Mission to Remodel the American Drug Pricing System as a Tech-Based Pharmacy Benefit Manager

AJ Loiacono’s experience in supply chain consulting for pharmaceutical manufacturing afforded him a world-class education in supply chain logistics, drug pricing, and software implementation. However, it wasn’t until he worked with healthcare payers that he realized the ...

38 min
20 December 2022
Episode: 159 - Dr. Jennifer Schneider on Homeward Health’s Mission to Bring Affordable and Accessible

Dr. Schneider’s interest in medicine began when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a preteen living in a small rural Minnesota town. After becoming a physician, her journey to CEO started with a return to her roots and a desire to help decrease the exorbitantly high...

19 min
4 October 2022
Episode: 158 - HLM General Partner Steve Tolle on How to Spot a Winning Investment and the Ever-Changing Needs in the Tech-Enabled Healthcare Space

From working nights in the Prudential mailroom during college to securing leadership roles at big names like IBM Watson Health, Allscripts, and Pfizer, Steve Tolle, now general partner at HLM Venture Partners, has seen it all. With a multi-faceted skill set and a wealth of k...

33 min
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