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Every episode, radio's top hosts, PD's and media thought leaders share tips, tools, and tradecraft secrets on remaining relevant in our ever-evolving mediascape. Hosted by veteran manager and 2nd generation broadcaster David Martin and recovering radio programmer and author of "Brandwidth, America's Digital Branding Coach " Kipper McGee.


Last Episode Date: 20 May 2024

Total Episodes: 200

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20 May 2024
Morning Show Hacks: 7 Insights from 2 Guys Named Chris

This time we're joined by Chris Kelly and Chris Demm, the co-hosts of the popular morning radio show "2 Guys Named Chris". With over 25 years of success, Chris and Chris share their journey from initial radio rivalry to teaming up to become a top-rated morning show.The duo d...

16 min
4 May 2024
Swipe Right for Radio: Eryn Coopers 5 Essential Tips for Media's Future

This time, we feature Nashville’s Multimedia Queen. WSM-AM's Eryn Cooper, a multimedia journalist, morning show producer, emerging radio personality, and self-proclaimed "professional fan." Eryn discusses her career path, how she's advanced from radio newbie to assistant b...

17 min
14 February 2024
From Fear to Resilience: Steve Reynolds helps you navigate Radio's changes

Steve Reynolds is a renowned radio talent coach focusing on Top 10 Talent.With a career that started in the 1990s, he has worked his way up from on-air positions to programming and management roles at notable stations including the legendary WRAL. In 2001, he established the...

24 min
30 January 2024
Dave Beasing's 10 Secrets to Making Sound That Brands for YOU!

Dave Beasing is a distinguished, seasoned consultant and media brand creator with a remarkable track record at MTV, VH1, ABC, CBS, NPR, iHeart, Lions Gate, and radio. Dave's ongoing creativity positions him at the forefront of the industry as the founder of SOUND THAT BRANDS...

17 min
15 January 2024
Music expert Sean Ross shares insights on reshaping radio for '24 🎧

In this episode, we explore the evolving dynamics of radio in 2024 with industry guru Sean Ross! In his roles as VP Music + Programming at Edison Research, and creator of the popular Ross on Radio Insight column, Sean is the perfect 'go-to' guy to explore the key questions w...

20 min
13 December 2023
Adapt or Fade: Corey Dylan's 7 Takes on Radio Resilience

Corey Dylan, the morning host of 100.7 Big FM in San Diego, Corey discusses her passion for radio, her career journey, and the importance of embracing new technologies like AI in the industry. She emphasizes the need to adapt to changes, learn about AI, and use it to enhance...

16 min
27 November 2023
Fred Jacobs: Secrets to Shape Your Future in Radio and Podcasting -

We welcome back Fred Jacobs, the media visionary and founder of Jacobs Media Strategies, known for creating the Classic Rock format in the 80s. This time, Fred emphasizes the importance of innovation in the radio industry. He expresses optimism about radio's future and ways ...

20 min
3 November 2023
Erica Mandy's Newsworthy 6 Point Blueprint for OBJECTIVELY Better Radio

In this compelling podcast episode, we welcome back Erica Mandy, the acclaimed broadcast journalist behind The Newsworthy podcast. From leaving CBS to launching her daily news podcast in 2017, Erica shares insights into her journey, marked by millions of monthly downloads an...

16 min
19 October 2023
Bonus: Upping Your Radio Game | Guest: Harry Lyles

Harry Lyles is an accomplished multi-format programmer and is widely recognized as the foremost expert in all forms of Hip Hop, R&B, Rhythmic, Rhythmic AC and Gospel. As president of Lyles Media, Harry has been the programming partner for some of the most prominent broad...

20 min
11 October 2023
Jeff Smulyan’s Secret Sauce: Steering Emmis Through the Media Rollercoaster

Get an exclusive peek into the media industry's behind-the-scenes, lessons from the journey of Emmis Communications Founder/Chairman Jeff Smulyan, In this episode he shares his journey, with a reminder of the power of fun and meaningful connections. Grab your front-row seat ...

14 min
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