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Brand Master Flash

I’m Brand Master Flash: I’m a brand strategist on a mission for good. Finding mastery is a continual practice, to stay on the path towards positive change and growth. My podcast promotes ethical brand building and business transformation. You want to be better, to do good and make positive change. You need to create a vision and turn it into a clear roadmap. How does the rest of the world see your brand? Does your identity truly represent who you are? If not, you need enlightened brand strategy. Weekly content includes useful advice in brand strategy, business, creativity, design and marketing. Hear from brand leaders, marketers, creatives, artists and positive influencers who are building communities, pushing boundaries and making a positive impact.


Last Episode Date: 15 February 2024

Total Episodes: 47

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15 February 2024
What's the impact of your business?

The future of business is doughnut shaped: What’s the impact of your business? Auditing for Regeneration.In the journey to building a regenerative business, let's dive into "What’s your business’s planetary Impact?" We're delving into the often overlooked facets of you...

8 min
10 January 2024
How to Start Building a Regenerative Business

🌱 How to Start Building a Regenerative BusinessClean your money and grow social investmentsIn today's video, we explore two vital steps: Profit and People. Businesses must pivot towards solutions driving real systemic change for a cleaner, positive future. The key lies in...

6 min
28 November 2023
What is a Regenerative Business?

Ever wondered what "regenerative" really means in the business world? Join me as I break it down in this video.Sustainability vs. RegenerationFirst off, let's clear the air – sustainability is crucial, no doubt. It's the first step toward regeneration. However, my gripe li...

4 min
14 November 2023
Is Your Business Killing the Planet? The Shift to Regenerative Business Models

Sustainable is out, regenerative is in.ESG, CSR and SDGs are not the answer for business and industry sustainability. If your business model and products are degenerative at its core, they aggressively pollute and fundamentally are not something that people really need then ...

6 min
9 January 2023
Biomimicry : Sam Tatam

As designers, we often look to human behaviour, science, art and engineering for answers and solutions. Interestingly, some of the best design solutions can be found within our natural world. Harnessing the evolved biology of the kingfisher, designers were able to improve ae...

68 min
7 November 2022
The Primal Code : Patrick Hanlon

Working in brand and marketing, we hear influential writers and thought-leaders use the words ‘tribe’ and 'community’. These words are commonly spoken by industry gurus such as Seth Godin and Marty Neumier. They’re used frequently to describe our association with pro...

85 min
17 October 2022
Positivity. Planet. Purpose : Joss Ford

"What we do in the next ten years will profoundly impact the next few thousand… This is no longer a scientific challenge; it is a communications challenge.”- Sir David AttenboroughLet’s talk about climate change.So we know the science, we're advanced in the tech and th...

66 min
23 June 2022
Climate Blocks: Jamie Mustard

Jamie Mustard is a multimedia artist and expert on identity and perception. His book ‘The Iconist’ is the study of what makes anything iconic: the anatomy of what causes any idea, art or message to STAND OUT and take hold in the human mind, across any medium. I caug...

92 min
17 March 2022
Edge of Crazy: Yarza Twins

"Change happens at the edges"An agency that definitely does not operate in the bland, soft middle is Yarza Twins. Yarza Twins is an award-winning design agency based in London and Paris.I had the opportunity to chat with founders Eva and Marta Yarza.Their agency works with p...

54 min
30 December 2021
Under The Sea: Bryan Edmondson

For the past 3 years I’ve been focusing on and specialising in brand strategy. The majority of my work with clients focuses on the core truth of a brand: the purpose, vision and philosophy. I come from a visual background; I trained as a graphic designer but beyond that I ...

57 min
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