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BrainCandy English

As a brand expert, Ralph Ohnemus reports in BrainCandy on current news in the field of human behavior and how this affects the relationship between people and brands. All scientifically based and presented with a pinch of humour.


Last Episode Date: 24 April 2024

Total Episodes: 49

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24 April 2024
BrainCandy 105: Daniel Kahnemans Book Noise

The psychologist and Nobel Prize winner in economics Daniel Kahneman died recently. Kahneman had a huge impact on how we at K&A understand human behaviour. And thus on how we can clear up the big say-do gap between what people tell us they will do and how they actually ...

14 min
18 April 2024
BrainCandy 105: Zentrale Erkenntnisse aus Daniel Kahnemans letztem Buch: Noise

Vor kurzem starb der Psychologe und Wirtschaftsnobelpreisträger Daniel Kahneman. Kahneman hat einen großen Einfluss darauf, wie wir bei K&A das menschliche Verhalten verstehen. Und damit darauf, wie wir das große Say-Do Gap zwischen dem, was Menschen uns sagen, wie si...

17 min
28 March 2024
BrainCandy 104: The neglected science of less

In a world characterised by constant more, "The Untapped Science of Less" offers a refreshing perspective on the potential of subtraction. Based on Leidy Klotz's fascinating work "Subtract: The Untapped Science of Less", this BrainCandy takes an ent...

10 min
22 February 2024
BrainCandy 103: Super Bowl. Can we learn from the best commercials?

This year's Super Bowl recorded the highest number of viewers ever and featured over 70 adverts. Can we learn from the best adverts? On the Monday morning after the event, rankings were published by reputable sources, including the famous USA Today Ad Meter, the Kellogg...

8 min
17 January 2024
BrainCandy 102: We will all become boring

I recently came across the essay "We will all become boring" by bestselling author Louise Perry. And it has stayed with me ever since. Perry deals with the increasing loneliness in the modern Western world. She finds causes in liberal individualism and prosperity, ...

16 min
19 December 2023
BrainCandy 101: Strengthen your relationship - with these books

At Christmas, we long not only for wonder and miracles, but also for love. But the reality of love is complex and sometimes requires support. Social relationships have a significant impact on our well-being, health and even survival, with men benefiting even more than women....

8 min
11 December 2023
BrainCandy No. 100: 'Awe' by Dacher Keltner - the transformative power of wonder

In this 100th edition of BrainCandy, we delve into the fascinating world of 'awe' as explored by Dacher Keltner in his exciting book. Let's discover together how this powerful feeling influences our perception and well-being, and how we can experience more of ...

6 min
15 November 2023
BrainCandy 99: The death of New Normal and Purpose Religion

You almost feel like a traitor to the good cause when you criticise the Purpose religious community of consultants, agencies and brands. How do I even come to this when consumers repeatedly emphasise in surveys how important the purpose of brands and companies is to them in ...

11 min
25 October 2023
BrainCandy 98: The Unmasking of Malice. The inside of human violence and cruelty

Recent events have motivated me to write about the topic of "evil". It may not be a really relevant topic for brand, marketing or self-management, unless you are interested in the supposed evil nature of all marketing activities.  A few hours before the terrorist...

17 min
4 October 2023
BrainCandy 97: Male psychology. Is the case closed?

If you currently follow the discussion about male psychology in the media, this gender seems to like to be considered the cause of most current problems. Toxic masculinity, patriarchy and of course the Old White Men are labels that are quickly held up. Even at elite universi...

10 min
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