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Boss Bitch & a Baby

The Boss Bitch & a Baby podcast is hosted by Katie Seller, who is the CEO of Babe Co. (formerly Metal Marvels), which she built from the ground up by herself into a multi 7-figure business. She is also a single mom by choice via IVF, raising an almost 2-year-old baby boy. Join Katie each week for an inspiring, no-bullshit conversation about all things life, baby-making as a single woman, business, and more. Support this podcast:


Last Episode Date: 17 January 2024

Total Episodes: 71

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17 January 2024
EP 71 Let's Start 2024 With Some Updates, Shall We?!

Listen, one of these days I will get better at recording and posting consistently. I promise. Is today the day? Maybe. Maybe not, haha. Either way, we're back with some updates, what I've been up to, and new ways to learn from me and connect with me. Check out th...

17 min
12 April 2023
EP 70 Using Your Voice + an Episode 2 Replay!

If you follow me on social, you saw a post where I was told I am bad at business because I am vocal about social issues and human rights. I wanted to dive into that a little today and also include a replay of episode 2, where I actually talked about this exact thing all the ...

25 min
6 April 2023
EP 69 Yesterday f*cking sucked.

Yesterday was a doozy and a half. Listen to real-life motherhood, being honest, vulnerable, and real with the world of social media. Let's put aesthetically pleasing, perfect lives in the archive. Personal Instagram Business Instagram Shop my store --- Send in a vo...

13 min
17 March 2023
EP 68 WTF Friday - Meta Verified ::eyeroll::

I simply cannot with this shit. This company made 116B in 2022, and this feels like another money grab. Hear the latest update that was released today, and well, my colorful take on it. I tell you how I truly feel. There's a poll on Spotify + I'd love to hear your ...

16 min
8 March 2023
EP 67 IVF, Sperm Shopping, Single motherhood by choice, + more.

I am so excited to sit and chat with Talisha today! She's a fellow IVF mama and a single mama by choice. We could have spoken for hours, but we talked about our IVF journeys, knowing your body/fertility, the weird process of sperm shopping, the societal bullshit that says yo...

83 min
1 March 2023
Ep 66 Pregnancy + Birth Story!

Today I'm talking about my birth story and my pregnancy journey.  If you are pregnant, if you've struggled with infertility, if you're a parent, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO COMPLAIN how hard it is, how tired you are, etc. All of that is not rainbow and glitter all the time. You'...

51 min
22 February 2023
Ep 65 Hi, remember me? Oops.

Wow. I had no intention of recording that episode and leaving everyone in the dark. Obviously, if you follow me on Instagram, you're caught up, but still. I have felt called to get this back up and running, along with the blog that I have neglected too. So here we are, jumpi...

10 min
30 June 2021
EP 64 Embryo Transfer is Done!

As usual, I highly recommend following me on IG for more up-to-date information on all things baby-making, since I post more real-time.  But the embryo transfer is done! This episode is all the details leading up to it, some now, and what to expect over the next week. Eek! ...

25 min
8 June 2021
EP 63 Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle is F*cking HERE!

It's here! I know it feels like it took f*cking forever, but it's here! In this episode, I give you the full rundown on this update, and then I answer questions that you babes sent in regarding IVF. This is definitely one of the longest episodes but some of the questions are...

53 min
19 May 2021
Ep 62 How/Why I Decided to Have a Baby on My Own!

This episode was requested a few times, and honestly trying to give people this answer when they ask is a LOT. What better than to have an episode to point them to.  Growing up I was never the person who dreamt of a wedding, it wasn’t until the last relationship that I ev...

25 min
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