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Big Promo Cast

The Big Promo Cast is your source for inspiration for your own marketing and promotional campaigns. This show highlights brands that use custom merch, branded apparel, and printed goods as integral aspects of their marketing strategies. We’re here to fuel your creativity — so business owners and marketers like you see the full potential of branded promotional products. We’ll show you how various industries use custom merchandise as strategic tools to promote their products and services, engage their customers, and elevate their brand recognition. Every week, we spotlight recent promotions from a wide array of brands, big and small, local and global, who have successfully used branded merchandise to capture the attention of their target audiences. From unique promotional T-shirts and customized drinkware to bespoke corporate gifts and creatively designed printed materials, we explore it all.

Last Episode Date: 26 April 2024

Total Episodes: 179

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26 April 2024
Jimmy John's Sandwich Scarf, Jollibee Pocket Tees & Moon Pie Eclipse Kit Fail

Jimmy John's Capri salami pesto sandwich-inspired silk scarf is expensive at $75, but versatile and some proceeds go to their foundation. Applebee's introduced Bacardi tropical rum buckets, though you can't take them home. Jollibee Foods launched a merch line with cool items...

15 min
12 April 2024
Miller High Life & Tie Bar, Movie Popcorn Buckets, Trader Joe's Craze & Dolly’s Cookware Merch

In this episode of the Big Promo Cast, we explore the innovative use of branded merchandise in marketing, featuring Miller High Life's classy anniversary collection, the unexpected craze of movie promotional popcorn buckets, and the viral Trader Joe's mini tote bag frenzy. -...

18 min
25 February 2024
Dunkin' & Miller Lite Dominate Super Bowl Ads, Stanley Merch, Juicy x Red Robin, LV Bag

Companies are creatively engaging with their audience with branded merchandise.Dunkin' and Miller Lite had the socials buzzing after the Super Bowl. But what is Louis Vuitton thinking? And now Stanley doing their own branded merch? What's up with these Juicy Couture x Red Ro...

15 min
22 January 2024
Pringles n' Caviar, South Park Snow Day, Pop Tarts Bowl, Planet Fitness

Happy New Year! In the first show of 2024, here's what's on tap: Planet Fitness collaborates with Megan Thee Stallion, releasing fitness-focused merchandise like shirts and water bottles. However, they could have expanded their range to include more diverse fitness gear.Prin...

17 min
18 December 2023
Outback Koala, White Castle Merch, & Miller Beer Holiday

Ep 176 12-16-2023In this episode, we unpack three compelling case studies:Outback Steakhouse's Social Media Mastery: Discover how Outback boosts customer engagement through a charming koala plush giveaway. This clever social media contest not only captivates audiences but al...

13 min
21 November 2023
Holiday Merch from KFC & Tito's, Dunkin Dog Toys, Gold Peak Golden Hour, Matilda Bay Other Merch

We kick things off with Gold Peak Iced Tea's nifty iPhone accessory: we explore how it transforms everyday moments into the coveted 'golden hour' with a simple clip-on filter. Then, we jet over to Australia where Matilda Bay is shaking things up by giving away merch from mor...

17 min
25 October 2023
Dunkin Inflatable Spiders, Pepperoni Day, Bean Merch, Gigabier

Featured Campaigns:Hormel Foods: Launched a pepperoni popup shop in Austin, Minnesota to celebrate National Pepperoni Day. Various pepperoni-themed merchandise were on offer for a limited time.Bush's Beans Introduced merchandise around specific holidays, emphasizing engageme...

18 min
2 October 2023
Fireball Sympathy Cards, Fanatics FAIL, Hershey Crocs, Snyders Steins

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey spices up the conversation with their cheeky sympathy cards for football fans. Snyder's of Hanover brings the festive spirit with their October Fest pretzel-holding contests. Fanatics is under scrutiny for some quality control missteps. Don't miss t...

12 min
4 September 2023
Taylor Swift Movie, Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Promo, Hampton Inn Waffle Merch, Cheetos Macrame

We're dissecting the ingenuity behind the promotional strategies by Oscar Mayer, Hampton Inn, Cheetos Mac n Cheese, and Taylor Swift. Each case study reveals unique branding maneuvers designed to engage customers and promote brand loyalty.Oscar Mayer's silicone hot dog straw...

10 min
18 August 2023
Crocs x Pop-Tarts, Mustard Skittles, JetPuffed x Kizik, WWE x Igloo

Merch mash-ups: where creativity knows no bounds! On this episode of the Big Promocast, we're dancing with some delightful and unconventional brand collaborations that will tickle your taste buds and surprise your soles (get it, like shoes?).First, we slip into Crocs' culina...

13 min
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