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BIG Money Report

An informative, insightful program that gives a weekly recap of financial markets, highlights related news, provides commentary on what may lie ahead and avoids all of the fluff that makes most programs last longer than they should. Get insightful information about your money in 5 to 10 minutes!!!


Last Episode Date: 25 May 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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25 May 2024
Week Ending 05_24_2024 Stock Market Recap

The market held a key level that we were watching this week BUT it produced an “Engulfing Bearish Candle”. What in the world is an Engulfing Bearish Candle and what could it mean in the near term? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!!!

10 min
18 May 2024
Week Ending 05_17_2024 Stock Market Recap

Markets were supported with a good Consumer Price Index number this week. That said, things are looking a bit stretched and next week could be somewhat pivotal for the short term How so? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!!!

11 min
11 May 2024
Week Ending 05_10_2024 Stock Market Recap

Markets drifted higher but they face some economic reports next week that could shake things up. What reports? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!!!

9 min
4 May 2024
Week Ending 05_03_2024 Stock Market Recap

The market has found itself in the midst of a noisy tug-of-war contest. So what might this mean going forward? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!!!

10 min
27 April 2024
Week Ending 04_26_2024 Stock Market Recap

What does the stock market have in common with an amusement park? IN TO FIND OUT!!!

9 min
20 April 2024
Week Ending 04_19_2024 Stock Market Recap

Markets took a turn lower this week. Is it getting close to the time to buy? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!!!

9 min
13 April 2024
Week Ending 04_12_2024 Stock Market Recap

Geopolitical concerns and inflation continue to concern the markets. How so? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!!!

11 min
6 April 2024
Week Ending 04_05_2024 Stock Market Recap

The markets were rattled this week with geopolitical concerns and Fed Speak. How so? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!!!

12 min
29 March 2024
Week Ending 03_28_2024 Stock Market Recap

We’ve been anxiously awaiting a broadening out of this bull market. This week showed strong signs that it may be starting to happen in earnest. How so? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!!!

11 min
22 March 2024
Week Ending 03_22_2024 Stock Market Recap

The Fed turned the technicals of the market on their head this week! How so? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!!!

10 min
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