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Between Meetings with Matt Heine

In this podcast series Matt Heine, Managing Director of Netwealth, chats to industry professionals and thought leaders on what opportunities and challenges they see for financial advisers, what they are working on and their favourite business book or podcast, to uncover their insights on a wide range of topics in relation to the delivery of advice and financial services.


Last Episode Date: 16 May 2024

Total Episodes: 93

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16 May 2024
Ep 88: Expanding horizons with alternative assets – Lawrence Calcano

Hear Lawrence Calcano, Chairman & CEO of iCapital, a platform that helps advisers access private markets, share his experiences of growing iCapital from a small team to a global company with over 1,200 employees. Lawrence emphasises the importance of having a strong cu...

29 min
4 April 2024
Ep 87: Partnering with purpose to create a better world - Jean Oelwang

Listen to Jean Oelwang, CEO of Virgin Unite, relate how she was instrumental in creating the foundation of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, which brings together the business and not-for-profit worlds to scale change and create a better world. 20 years on Jean recounts wh...

41 min
4 March 2024
Ep 86: Scientifically revealing client preferences for personalised wealth advice - Shachar Kariv & Bernard Del Ray

Hear Shachar Kariv and Bernard Del Ray, co-founders of Capital Preferences, a company that provides solutions for understanding client preferences and behaviours in financial decision making, describe their research, background and motivations. Shachar and Bernard outline ...

42 min
6 February 2024
Ep 85: Leadership lessons from Facebook’s former CEO - Stephen Scheeler

Listen to Stephen Scheeler, CEO & Co-Founder of Omniscient Neurotechnology, relate how his corporate career moved to the internet and e-commerce sector, working at Facebook and finally setting up Omniscient, a leader in the field of neurotechnology. Stephen describes ...

33 min
8 January 2024
Ep 84: The 2023 roundup episode

In this episode, we roundup some of the highlights from our 2023 podcasts, to give you a flavour of each episode and so that you can catch up on what you missed, or find an episode you’d like to hear more of. We cover the best bits from: Ep 83: Ringing in the changes f...

45 min
6 December 2023
Ep 83: Ringing in the changes for the financial industry - Marcus Price

Hear Marcus Price, CEO and Managing Director, Iress as he shares his background in banking to building PEXA and what drew him to the investment side of financial services with Iress. Marcus discusses the industry step change he accelerated with data and automation in ban...

24 min
9 November 2023
Ep 82: Achieving the unachievable for financial services - Sarah Abood

Hear Sarah Abood share her journey into financial services and how she headed the merger of the FPA and AFA to become the CEO of the newly formed FAAA. Sarah discusses how she brought two longstanding organisations together and chats through the process of creating the FAA...

40 min
27 September 2023
Ep 81: Raising the voice of the financial sector - Blake Briggs

Listen to Blake Briggs as he shares his diverse career journey through industrial advocacy, superannuation policy and finally to financial services and the FSC. Blake relays the skills, governance processes and overarching consumer lens that assist in creating a unified str...

29 min
19 August 2023
Ep 80: Harnessing the power of AI in the advice industry - Dr. Michael Kollo

Hear Dr. Micheal Kollo as he discusses his journey from a PhD in finance to becoming a quantitative manager, using algorithms to forecast markets. Michael uncovers how AI now translates complex financial data into intuitive client reports. He takes a deep dive into the intr...

34 min
7 July 2023
Ep 79: Evolving the client value proposition with technology – Matt Heine

In this episode, Matt jumps into the hot seat to be interviewed by Peita Diamantidis on the Ensombl AdviceTech podcast. They discuss how advisers are using technology to differentiate their offering and build their client value proposition. Matt shares the efficiencies of ...

39 min
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