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Behind the Warrior

Behind the Warrior Podcast is hosted by the EOD Warrior Foundation. This podcast is focused on a variety of relatable subjects impacting EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Warriors, their Families and military families at large. Topics such as TBI, PTSD, health, wellness and much more. We share personal stories, resources and interview experts and organizations that shed light on difficult subjects and we have a little fun too! The various opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints expressed by guests, contributors, and participants of the Behind the Warrior podcast are their own and are intended for informational purposes only. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs, view points, or policies of the EOD Warrior Foundation or its employees and volunteers. To learn more about the EOD Warrior Foundation, please go to

Last Episode Date: 8 May 2024

Total Episodes: 105

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8 May 2024
Ep. 105 Celebrating Women in EOD Series: Marine Corps EOD Veteran, Michelle R.

Join us for the third interview in a 4 part series: Celebrating Women in EOD!  Our third interview is with former Marine EOD Tech and now Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Aerialist, Michelle R.  Michelle shares stories from her combat deployments and how she nav...

46 min
11 April 2024
Ep. 104 - Celebrating Women in EOD Series: Active Duty Air Force EOD Techs, MSgt Giselle Irr & TSgt Tiffany Quasnitschka

Join us for the second interview in a 4 part series: Celebrating Women in EOD!  Our second interview is with Active Duty Air Force EOD Tech's  MSgt Giselle Irr & TSgt Tiffany Quasnitschka.  Giselle and Tiffany share their perspectives on what makes the EOD commun...

36 min
29 March 2024
Ep. 103 - Celebrating Women in EOD Series: Active Duty Army EOD Tech SGM Brie Kotula

Join us for the first interview in a 4 part series: Celebrating Women in EOD!  Our first interview is with Active Duty Army EOD Tech SGM Brie Katula.  Brie shares highlights from her life, her EOD career and words of wisdom that have helped her along the way.  Support the...

36 min
8 March 2024
Ep. 102 - Conversations on Ketamine with EOD Veterans Sam Peterson & Wayne Packard

Join us for an interesting conversation with EOD Veterans Sam Peterson & Wayne Packard to learn obout Ketamine and how it is helping veterans struggling with depression and suicidal ideation and the science behind it.  Mindspa:

59 min
1 March 2024
Ep 101 - EOD Veteran Luke Ryker & Track Heroes

Join us this week for an exciting conversation with Air Force EOD Veteran Luke Ryker as he shares some wild stories from his time in EOD and learn how racing high performance cars can help improve your mental health and heal your brain.

63 min
25 January 2024
Ep. 100 - Former EOD Tech Joe Fetzer & Innovative Organizational Development

Are you looking to bolster your life and career and be the best version of yourself in the new year?  Join us for an informative interview with former Marine EOD Tech Joe Fetzer to learn about Innovative Organizational Development, and for some great information on how you ...

77 min
15 December 2023
Ep. 99 - Operation Hat Trick with Dot Sheehan

Join us this week for a lively interview with Operation Hat Trick Founder, Dot Sheehan to learn about this incredible  501(c)3 non-profit serving our veteran family as they recover from the visible and invisible wounds of war. OHT is dedicated to all American service membe...

42 min
1 December 2023
Ep. 98 - Veteran Powered Films with Julia Ling and Rick Swift

Want a heart-pounding thriller with a cause?Join us this week as we speak with Actress and Filmmaker, Julia Ling, and Producer, Movie Critic and Podcast Host, Rick Swift to learn about Veteran Powered Films and how they are working to empower veterans and servicemembers to c...

52 min
21 November 2023
Ep. 97 - Bubbles for Vets with EOD Veteran Tony Joyce

From his first dive in Lake Moultrie with catfish the size of volkswagens Tony was hooked on diving!   Join us for a candid interview about the twists and turns Tony's life has taken and how he is using his passion for diving to help reconnect disabled veterans with th...

37 min
3 November 2023
Ep. 96 - John Barnes & Myofascial Release

Are you one of the hundreds of EOD Techs that deal with chronic pain, or PTSD?  Join us this week for a fascinating interview with John F. Barnes, PT, an internationally recognized physical therapist, lecturer, author, and the leading authority on Myofascial Release.  Thro...

59 min
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