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Beers With A Miner

Mad Mumzie shares stories and tips on living a mining lifestyle in Australia. As a dump truck operator for over 12 years, she wants you to know what it's really like. How to get in, how to thrive and survive in the mining industry-especially as a woman, how to make the most of your time working long hours, shift work and away from home. Interview style and audio blog episodes in a fun way help to shed light on a mysterious mining lifestyle to many.


Last Episode Date: 16 May 2024

Total Episodes: 94

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16 May 2024
94 Matt Michael Returns - Mining Select & Money of Mine

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of mining recruitment, the power of persistence, investing in the Resources sector and the importance of a good laugh along the way! Matt Michael from Money Of Mine podcast and co-founder of Mining Select. In ...

116 min
24 February 2024
93 Mine Dust Lung Disease check-up - A Journey with Mad Mumzie

Come with Mad Mumzie as she goes for a mine dust lung disease check up, including chest Xray. What is involved? What did she do wrong along the way, and what you need to know for your check-ups. Why have one? Mine dust lung diseases (MDLD) are occupational lung disorders tha...

40 min
3 September 2023
92 Bearded Underground Jumbo Operator

Random chat with visiting underground jumbo operator who is very close to Mad Mumzie's family. After talking about mining acronyms she HAD to hit record! A fun and informative convo followed. Along with an explosion next door and a visit from the Production Supervisor when t...

115 min
10 June 2023
91 Torqn App Creators

Torqn App founders Troy McDonald and Brett Baker created an amazing app that is going viral around the globe. Torqn is the new knowledge platform exclusively for the Mining Industry & its equipment. Mad Mumzie, Brett and Troy go deep in this convo. Why did they start ...

111 min
4 May 2023
90 Water Carts & Chicken Boots Archive

What's it like driving a water cart in the mines, on night shift especially!? Plus Mad Mumzie has found some old recordings never released... until now. We start with Yowies on night shift filling up the water cart! Passionate chats from her donga after work to help Peeps wa...

55 min
29 January 2023
89 Mitch On Mining

Want to know more about mining life? Listen to this! Mitch & Mad Mumzie are going long in this epic happy hour/Sunday Session. From night shift, heat, flys, crib breaks, family matters, sunrises and sunsets... we cover it all. Also a rant or two from Mitch about social m...

229 min
11 January 2023
88 D.I.D.O. gone wrong! Road Trip with Mad Mumzie

Driving to a mining town can be a challenge! D.I.D.O (Drive in Drive Out) is very common in the industry, especially in Central Qld. Mad Mumzie went to visit family and didn't listen to her own advice!! What happened? This is different. Sound effects and little snippets on t...

36 min
24 October 2022
87 Got a Start date? NOW WHAT???

If you are a Newbie, or Wannabe Miner this one is especially for you. After seeing another post on social media asking questions about what happens now that they have finally got a start in the mines, Mad Mumzie decided to pick up the microphone and have a chat, getting a fe...

27 min
18 September 2022
86 Crawford Boots founder Penny Crawford

Crawford Boots founder Penny Crawford shares why she is so passionate to help get our feet sorted. Why did she leave 30 years as a podiatrist to design waterproof industrial safety boots that fit? Waterproof industrial safety boots that fit. Built on 25 years of working with...

118 min
30 July 2022
85 Gen Z - Mining needs you!

How can we inspire the next generation to stop hating on mining, come play with us, and help save the world by joining the resources industry? Mad Mumzie joins the chorus and is in rant mode so look out! After hearing a radio interview she just had to hit record. Another hea...

42 min
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