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Becoming You Podcast

It’s time to become YOU and turn your dreams into reality! Each week former corporate executive turned business and lifestyle designer, Rebecca Cafiero, will bring you inspiring guests, lifestyle and business tips and tools to empower you to BE your best, so you can design a life and business you love! Give yourself permission to BE who you are uniquely meant to be while taking massive action to live your passions!


Last Episode Date: 19 February 2024

Total Episodes: 213

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19 February 2024
Mastering the Market: with Aggie Burnett

Today's episode is a goldmine for anyone in the product-based business, particularly those navigating the beauty industry. I'm thrilled to have Aggie Burnett, the powerhouse behind A.B. Creative, joining us. Aggie's journey from a beauty editor at Glamour Magazine to launchi...

40 min
12 February 2024
Redefining Abundance: Money Mindset and Subconscious Healing with Corene Phelps

Today, we're diving deep into a topic that touches all of us, yet often remains unexplored to its fullest potential - our relationship with money and our subconscious patterns that shape this dynamic.    With the amazing Corene Phelps by my side, we'll unravel the layers o...

39 min
28 January 2024
Elevate Your Image: Dressing for Success with Abby Young

Today, we're diving into a truly transformative topic – the power of fashion in shaping not only how the world sees us, but also how we see ourselves. We're joined by the fabulous Abby Young, a fashion stylist extraordinaire, who's going to share her wealth of knowledge on...

43 min
28 January 2024
Breaking Up with Busy with Marisa Hohaia

As we finish up the first month of the new year It's the perfect time to reassess our commitments and redefine our paths. Today's guest, Marisa Hohaia, known as the anti-hustle coach, joins us to explore the traps of busy culture and how to shift towards a life of intentiona...

49 min
28 January 2024
Maximizing Life Beyond the To-Do List with Jill Staats

In today's episode, I chat with Jill Staats, founder and CEO of Fledgling Media. Jill's journey from Silicon Valley's HR manager to an entrepreneur focusing on life skill education is both inspiring and enlightening. She shares valuable insights on creating more space in our...

41 min
13 December 2023
Capturing Impact: The Visual Storytelling of Business with Bernadette Marciniak

Welcome back, listeners! on today's episode of The Becoming You Podcast, we're thrilled to welcome Bernadette Marciniak, an expert in the art of videography and photography. As we navigate the digital era, understanding and harnessing the power of video has never been more c...

35 min
6 December 2023
Gratitude, Growth, and the Corporate Shift with Michelle King

Welcome back to The Becoming You Podcast. Today we're thrilled to have Michelle King with us. As a two-time bestselling author with over 25 years of corporate experience, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge in transformational habits and wellness integration in the corpora...

44 min
29 November 2023
Wellness Reimagined: Lindsay Kirby’s Strategy for Business Growth

Today, we're joined by Lindsay Kirby, a registered nurse and the visionary founder of Sculpt Wellness. Lindsay’s story is not just about building a thriving business; it's about challenging norms, embracing wellness, and empowering others through her journey. From her inno...

47 min
22 November 2023
Harnessing the Power of Play with Jennifer Stalley

Join me as we welcome Jennifer Stalley, the founder of Mimsy Magic, an innovative sustainable sensory toy company. We delve into Jennifer's journey from identifying a market gap in inclusive and sustainable toys to establishing her own business. Discover how she balances ent...

45 min
17 November 2023
Embracing the Full Spectrum: Gratitude, Grief, and Growth

In today’s episode, I'll be sharing a personal narrative of a day filled with profound joy and deep sorrow. I'll talk about the essential nature of embracing every emotion, from overwhelming gratitude to profound grief, and how this spectrum of feelings shapes our human ex...

14 min
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