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Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

Growing your beauty business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Welcome to Beauty Marketing Simplified Podcast where we are dedicated to helping you with visibility strategies and business growth so that you can have MORE income and LESS stress starting right now!

Last Episode Date: 24 April 2024

Total Episodes: 162

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24 April 2024
Episode 161: 5 Unpopular Truths (& a bit of motivation)

What you will learn from this episode:   What to do about uncertainty in your business Insights from thought leaders like Dr. Ellen Langer, David Goggins, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Mastin Kipp, Jesse Itzler and Dr. Joe Dispenza on pushing past mental barriers How it can transfo...

21 min
16 April 2024
Episode 160: Business Perks: Free First-Class Flights and Travel

What you will learn from this episode: How to use business credit cards to travel first class for virtually free The importance of flexibility and strategy when booking flights with points Tips on applying for the right credit cards to maximize travel rewards   Are you dr...

18 min
22 February 2024
Episode 159: The Power of Mentorship: with Beauty Boss Jennie Hagerbo

What you will learn from this episode:  How to overcome self doubt and navigate indecision  The transformative business journey of beauty entrepreneur Jennie Hagerbo  Overcoming fears and the importance of being true to your entrepreneurial vision    Are you a beauty ...

38 min
7 February 2024
Episode 158 - Ideas for Valentine's Day Promotions

What you will learn from this episode: How to create irresistible Valentine's Day promotions for your beauty business Tips for reaching out to referral partners and creating collaborative promotions Announcement of AI Masterclass coming up soon   Love is in the air, and s...

11 min
1 February 2024
Episode 157: The 2024 Q1 Profit Plan

What you will learn from this episode: How to set the stage for a successful 2024  The importance of setting audacious goals and the mindset needed to achieve them Strategies for creating effective quarterly promotions for mastering sales The power of decisive action and d...

37 min
16 January 2024
Episode 156: Fresh Start Energy: Harnessing Momentum for Success

What you will learn from this episode: Know how to create a practical and profitable plan for your beauty business in 2024 Discover the psychology how to harness that “fresh start” energy Learn the three essential components for achieving your goals Happy New Y...

24 min
25 December 2023
Episode 155: The Unexpected Uses of AI

What you will learn from this episode: Discover how AI can boost your sales in the fastest time Learn about different apps you you will want Hear how to maximize AI in your beauty business   Are you a beauty business owner or professional looking to up your game? This epi...

13 min
15 November 2023
Episode 154: Diagnosing a sales problem

What you will learn from this episode:  Using "sales" as a powerful tool in your beauty business' success  Learn the 3 things that will limit your sales and how to change it Explore the benefits of high-ticket offers for premium clients   Every successful sales journey ...

28 min
12 October 2023
Episode 153: Redefining Apprenticeship & Mentorship with Amber Guthery

What you will learn from this episode: Learn about the importance of apprenticeship and mentoring for career advancement. Discover why feedback, adaptation, and flexibility are essential for business expansion. Understanding the value of developing a solid team in a support...

42 min
2 October 2023
Episode 152: Lifecycle Thoughts and Inner Reflections   What you will learn from this episode: Learn about vision and how it affects decision making Discover how to overcome the feeling of being stuck and overwhelmed How fear of judgment can hold us back from taking action   In this podcast ep...

18 min
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