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B2B Reimagined

B2B Reimagined is a monthly podcast hosted by Barrett Thompson and brought to you by Zilliant ( Our mission is to give pricing, AI, technology, and B2B industry thought leaders a platform to share their innovative approaches to modern commercial challenges. There's nothing simple about B2B. Join us as we reimagine challenges and reveal opportunities that are created by putting pricing at the heart of your business.


Last Episode Date: 11 April 2024

Total Episodes: 84

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11 April 2024
Ep 83 | B2B Sales and Marketing in Harmony (Yes, it can be done!)

“Well, if the other side just did their job better, we’d be in much better shape.” Any B2B sellers or marketers heard this one before? Maybe you’ve said it? At some point in your career, you’ve likely experienced the tension between sales and marketing, two departm...

28 min
26 January 2024
Ep 82 | Why Sanitary Products Providers are Ditching the Status Quo & Embracing Value-Based Pricing

Dr. Rainer Schlamp, partner at EbelHofer Consultants, joins us to dissect an industry that often flies under the radar, but is essential to our everyday lives. The sanitary products industry is a complex and vibrant ecosystem weaving together producers, wholesalers, retail s...

21 min
11 January 2024
Ep 81 | Are You “Transforming” Your Business in Name Only?

“For me, the strange thing is companies are investing in transformation in all dimensions of their business, but barely in the one that has the biggest profit impact – pricing,” says Sebastian Wrobel, cofounder and managing director of PricingWorks on today’s episode...

28 min
1 November 2023
Ep 80 | Pricing Should Be at the Heart of Your Organization

Profitability and customer experience are important. That’s about as noncontroversial a statement as you can make in B2B. So, pricing – which is perhaps the biggest driver of both – should be at the heart of every B2B company, right?    “That is quite a controversi...

42 min
20 July 2023
Ep 79 | Why Pricing Transformation isn’t a “Chicken or Egg” Problem

What should come first: pricing technology or pricing strategy? Our guest today, PwC Partner Ron Otocki, makes a strong case for why the two should go hand-in-hand. Ron leans on his vast experience guiding companies through digital transformations to explain how pricing fits...

23 min
21 June 2023
Ep 78 | Subscription Pricing Models on the Rise in B2B

In the subscription economy, a company’s product takes a backseat to its subscriber. What does this mean for a company’s go-to-market strategy? For starters, value-added services and customer support become paramount.  In your everyday life, you most likely subscribe to...

25 min
1 June 2023
Ep 77 | Will AI Eat the Software World?

Read enough headlines about generative AI and you will start to mull some big questions: Is it the next big paradigm shift? Is it a grave threat to the modern workforce? Can it be smarter than me? “It’s about a six-month-old puppy at this point,” says Lou Simon, vice p...

28 min
11 May 2023
Ep 76 | A Passionate Debate Between Two CX Experts

Price changes and churn threats occur throughout the customer journey. How your organization handles them determines how your customers will react: either positively or negatively. Do they stick with you and buy now? Or go elsewhere without a word? It’s up to you.  This f...

29 min
26 April 2023
Ep 75 | CEO Summit: The Vision and the Value Behind Digital Sales Transformation CEO Chris Shutts returns to the show, this time to connect with Pascal Yammine, chief executive officer of Zilliant. They discuss the transformational digital shift occurring in industries like traditional manufacturing, high-tech, software, and business services, d...

20 min
13 April 2023
Ep 74 | The Channel: Always Changing, Always Vital (w/ Channelnomics)

“When people talk about the death of the channel, the death of distribution, I just sit back and go, ‘Hold my beer – give me a whiteboard and I will explain to you how wrong you are.’”   Channelnomics CEO Larry Walsh is our guest today for a wide-ranging discussio...

29 min
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