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Aye Yo Sis! Podcast

Welcome to the Aye Yo Sis! Podcast where this show is filled with gems, tips and tools on all thing's entrepreneur. This podcast is dedicated to sharing the stories of WOC and their entrepreneurial journey on how they got to where they are today. We hope this show inspires you to move into your purpose.

Last Episode Date: 5 May 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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5 May 2024
Aye Yo Sis! Update

Hey there, Aye Yo Sis community! Happy Cinco De Mayo! Just a heads up: we won't be airing next week due to Mother's Day. We'll return on Sunday the 19th. Make sure to mark your calendars for our upcoming event: Yoga, Ice Cream & Be Social event. Aye Yo Sis Community...

2 min
28 April 2024
Feminine & Fit: Nurturing Mind, Body and Spirit

Dive into this episode on KIKI BLACK, a certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, and CEO of “Feminine & Fit,” on a journey to holistic wellness. Hailing from Atlanta but based in Panama City, Panama, KIKI shares her expertise gained from teaching internationally, in...

23 min
21 April 2024
"Empowering Beauty: The Rachel Indira Haircare Journey"

Tune in to discover the story behind Rachel Indira LLC and learn how they're revolutionizing the beauty industry one haircare product at a time. Join us as we explore the passion, dedication, and innovation driving Rachel Indira LLC towards a future where every woman can emb...

30 min
14 April 2024
"Visual Storytelling: A Creative Journey with Danijah Colas"

Originally hailing from New York, Danijah's passion for creativity and autonomy led her to pursue her dreams on her own terms. As founder and Creative Director of Paper Candy Design's by D, she not only crafts compelling identities for clients but she also empowers others th...

20 min
24 March 2024
"Conquering the Storms: The Journey of Enjoli Part 2"

Welcome back to part 2 of the "Journey" In this episode, we continue the captivating story of Enjoli, exploring the highs, lows, and everything in between as she navigates life's storms with resilience and determination. Check out our website at to stay...

10 min
4 March 2024
The Journey Part: 1

Welcome back, Aye Yo Sis! community, to another episode where we embark upon the journey of 2024 together. In this episode, we delve into the theme of renewal, introspection, and the power of faith as we kickstart the new year with determination and fresh aspirations. C...

14 min
17 December 2023
"Thriving Through Every Stage of Your Healing Journey'

Join us as we discuss how OMNoire support women, whether they're burnt out, lost, seeking abundance, or finding their groove and thriving. Discover the empowering approach of fearlessly embracing every stage of the healing journey. For more info follow sis @omnoireretreats &...

24 min
6 December 2023
Breaking Molds and Paving Paths

Born to Roam takes pride in designing head-turning hats for all head sizes - a fusion of comfort and style. Get ready to be inspired by the brand's commitment to inclusivity and self-expression. Join us for this adventure with Jennifer, where hats are not just an accessory b...

26 min
20 November 2023
"The Intersection of Social Responsibility and Fashion"

In the vibrant tapestry of immigrant stories, Rose Golden's journey stands out as a testament to vision, resilience and the purist of passion. Pink Maison isn't just a fashion brand; it's a community. Rose has cultivated a space where emerging designers experience an immers...

36 min
12 November 2023
"From Mat to Mindfulness: 23-Year Journey of Self Discovery and Wellness Advocacy"

"23 years ago, Rebeckah Price stumble into a yoga studio seeking solace for her anxious mind on the brink of motherhood. What began as a quest for tranquility evolved into a journey of self-discovery. Yoga and mindfulness became her compass, guiding her inward to cultivate c...

27 min
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