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Artificiality: Minds Meeting Machines

Artificiality was founded in 2019 to help people make sense of artificial intelligence. We are artificial philosophers and meta-researchers. We believe that understanding AI requires synthesizing research across disciplines: behavioral economics, cognitive science, complexity science, computer science, decision science, design, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology. We publish essays, podcasts, and research on AI including a Pro membership, providing advanced research to leaders with actionable intelligence and insights for applying AI. Learn more at


Last Episode Date: 4 May 2024

Total Episodes: 73

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4 May 2024
Omri Allouche: Gong AI

We’re excited to welcome to the podcast Omri Allouche, the VP of Research at Gong, an AI-driven revenue intelligence platform for B2B sales teams. Omri has had a fascinating career journey with a PhD in computational ecology before moving into the world of AI startups. At ...

40 min
20 April 2024
Susannah Fox: Rebel Health

We’re excited to welcome to the podcast Susannah Fox, a renowned researcher who has spent over 20 years studying how patients and caregivers use the internet to gather information and support each other. Susannah has collected countless stories from the frontlines of healt...

48 min
2 March 2024
Angel Acosta: Contemplation, Healing, and AI

We’re excited to welcome to the podcast Dr. Angel Acosta, an expert on healing-centered education and leadership. Angel runs the Acosta Institute which helps communities process trauma and build environments for people to thrive. He also facilitates leadership programs ...

43 min
23 February 2024
Doug Belshaw: Serendipity Surface & AI

We're excited to welcome Doug Belshaw to the show today. Doug is a founding member of the We Are Open Co-op which helps organizations with sensemaking and digital transformation. Doug coined the term "serendipity surface" to describe cultivating an attitude of...

45 min
17 February 2024
Richard Kerris of NVIDIA: AI, Creators, and Developers

We’re excited to welcome Richard Kerris, Vice President of Developer Relations and GM of Media & Entertainment at NVIDIA, to the show today. Richard has had an extensive career working with creators and developers across film, music, gaming, and more. He offers valuabl...

50 min
6 February 2024
Tyler Marghetis: The Leaps of Human Imagination

We're excited to welcome Tyler Marghetis, Assistant Professor of Cognitive & Information Sciences at the University of California, Merced, to the show today. Tyler studies what he calls the "lulls and leaps" or "ruts and ruptures" of human imagi...

50 min
30 January 2024
James Evans: Scientific Progress

Why is scientific progress slowing down? That's a question that's been on the minds of many. But before we dive into that, let's ponder this—how do we even know that scientific progress is decelerating? And in an era where machines are capable of understandi...

62 min
23 January 2024
Ed Sim: AI Venture Capital

Few understand how to anticipate major technology shifts in the enterprise better than today's guest, Ed Sim. Ed is a pioneer in the world of venture capital, specifically focusing on enterprise software and infrastructure since 1996. He founded Boldstart in 2010 to ...

50 min
16 January 2024
Rodrigo Liang: SambaNova and Generative AI in the Enterprise

One of our research obsessions is Edge AI through which we study opportunities to build and deploy AI on a computing device at the edge of a network. The premise is that AI in the cloud benefits from scale but is challenged by cost and privacy and Edge AI solves many of thes...

56 min
11 January 2024
Best of: Barbara Tversky & Spacial Cognition

One of our long-time subscribers recently said to us: “What I love about you is that you’re regularly talking about things three years ahead of everyone else.” That inspired us to look back through our catalog of conversations to see which ones we think are most releva...

66 min
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