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Get the latest iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple news every Friday. Tune in to this weekly podcast for in-depth coverage, product reviews, and analysis of all news surrounding Apple. Since 1997 AppleInsider has been a premier source of Apple news, leaks, and rumors. Hosted by Stephen Robles and the AppleInsider staff.

Last Episode Date: 17 May 2024

Total Episodes: 523

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17 May 2024
AI, game emulators, and hands on with the new iPad Pro on the AppleInsider podcast

Looking to the future of AI, delving into the past with emulators on the App Store, and diving into the present with the new iPad Pro now that it and the iPad Air are in users' hands.Contact your hosts@williamgallagher_ on Threads@WGallagher on TwitterWilliam's 58keys on You...

64 min
10 May 2024
New iPad Air, new iPad Pro, and a new Apple Pencil Pro on the AppleInsider podcast

We've been waiting for so long to get updated iPads, and now we've got two new iPad Air and two new iPad Pro models -- but the question is whether they were worth the wait, or they're just spec-bump updates with faster processors and better screens yet nothing truly new.Cont...

70 min
7 May 2024
Special: new iPad Pro, iPad Air, and an Apple Pencil Pro

We've been waiting for this for nearly two years but finally there are new iPads -- and Apple has shaken up its entire lineup.Contact your hosts@williamgallagher_ on Threads@WGallagher on TwitterWilliam's 58keys on YouTubeWilliam Gallagher on email@hillithreads on Threads@Hi...

9 min
3 May 2024
Apple's new EU rules, Apple ID's new bug, and new iPads are close, on the AppleInsider Podcast

Small developers in the EU now have plenty to thank Apple about, while some users worldwide have a couple of gripes about bugs in Apple ID. Plus emulators are a hit, there are so many promising leaks about iOS 18, and of course we're nearing the launch of new iPads.Contact y...

66 min
26 April 2024
iPad Air screens, Spotify complaints, and a TikTok ban on the AppleInsider Podcast

The US is looking out for its companies, the EU is looking out for Spotify, and Korean wants to help Samsung -- and in the meantime, we've got new iPads to look forward to, plus FineWoven cases to collect while we still can.Contact your hosts@WGallagher on TwitterWilliam Gal...

60 min
19 April 2024
Game emulators, iPad Air screens, and Elgato's new range on the AppleInsider podcast

As China seems poised to get the Apple Vision Pro, we've had a whole range of new Elgato devices ranging from game capture to webcam, plus the iPad Air may cost more than we think -- and the M4 Macs will be here before we know it.Contact your hosts@williamgallagher_ on Threa...

54 min
12 April 2024
Black eyes, dinosaurs and Apple's mastery of logistics on the AppleInsider Podcast

It's not true that Apple Vision Pro will give you black eyes, but maybe it is true that Apple could be doing more immersive video. Plus we have no iPads yet, but we think we know where they are.Contact your hosts@williamgallagher_ on Threads@WGallagher on TwitterWilliam's 58...

68 min
5 April 2024
Apple Robots, Apple anniversaries, and the good and bad of Spatial Video on the AppleInsider Podcast

The Apple Car is gone but instead Apple is said to be working on robots. It's all a long way from Apple's origins this week in 1976, and even quite a long way from the original iPad which in 2010 was the last product announced by Steve Jobs.Contact your hosts@williamgallaghe...

77 min
29 March 2024
WWDC, Apple Ring, and five years of Apple TV+ on the AppleInsider Podcast

We now have a date for WWDC 2024, we have perhaps more idea than ever of just what it will cover, and we have ever increasing rumors of a smart Apple Ring. All we need now is the release of new iPads.Contact your hosts@williamgallagher_ on Threads@WGallagher on TwitterWillia...

66 min
22 March 2024
DOJ, Epic Games, EU, and no iPads just yet on the AppleInsider Podcast

Apple is underfire from the DOJ, the EU and Epic Games, plus there's no new IPad yet and solely for subscribers, but it sounds as if there is a lot to look forward to with forthcoming AirPods and maybe AirPods Max.Contact your hosts@williamgallagher_ on Threads@WGallagher on...

81 min
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