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Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach

Reach your writing goals (and have fun!) by being more curious, creative, and productive. Ann provides practical tips and motivation for writers at all stages to improve their skills, pursue publishing, and expand their reach. Ann keeps most episodes short and focused so writers only need a few minutes to collect ideas, inspiration, resources and recommendations to apply to their work. She incorporates interviews from publishing professionals and authors like Allison Fallon, Ron Friedman, Shawn Smucker, and Jennifer Dukes Lee to bring additional insight. Ann and her guests cover everything from self-editing and goal-setting to administrative and scheduling challenges. Subscribe for ongoing coaching to advance your writing life and career. More at


Last Episode Date: 29 May 2024

Total Episodes: 250

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29 May 2024
15 Tips to Make the Most of Your Next (or First!) Writers’ Conference…While at the Event

I made a last-minute decision heading to the most recent writer's conference I attended. I’d planned to take my classy, professional, sleek gray backpack that I’d purchased to replace the original purple one I mentioned in an earlier episode.  As I loaded it, I real...

9 April 2024
Prep, Plan, and Pack to Get the Most out of Your Next (or First!) Writers’ Conference

Are you getting ready to attend a writers’ conference? Guess what? So am I! And I want to make the most of my time there, so let’s think through what will help with that. You’re likely going for at least two reasons: to learn and to connect. You might also be goi...

21 March 2024
How to Choose Your Next (or First!) Writers’ Conference

Attending my first writers’ conference proved to be life-changing—or at least career-changing. In the years since, I’ve attended a wide range of writing events, and each one has in some way substantially contributed to my career. Some deepened my knowledge, others e...

17 min
10 January 2024
Help! I want to write a book. Do I have what it takes?

I stared at a blank screen. Why did I ever think I could pull this off? Until that moment, I’d only written short projects. Articles, essays, poems.  As I sat staring at the screen, questioning myself in about every way possible, I was supposed to be writing my firs...

16 min
30 November 2023
Never Go to Bed without a Story to Tell

"Never go to bed until you have a story to tell," says Kevin Lynch, Creative Director at Oatly. I heard him interviewed on a podcast and stopped jogging to write down what he said about that daily story: It could be a deep thing that you learned, it could be a movie that...

8 min
9 November 2023
Write Better and Faster (and Reach More People) When You Practice in Public

When I was in college, practicing in public meant sitting under an oak tree on campus, flipping open my spiral-bound notebook, and scratching out a poem as students walked the path beside me.  Creative writing classes gave me another way to practice in public, when my po...

10 min
26 October 2023
To Be More Creative, Write a Letter to Your Reader

Dear Writer, It’s easy to freeze up when we’re writing for the faceless masses or the random reader who happens upon our words. What do we say to all those people? How can we speak with heart to a total stranger? Next thing you know, we second-guess our ideas, o...

8 min
12 October 2023
Are Creative Writing Prompts a Help or Hindrance?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of using writing prompts to decide if we’re fostering creativity or frittering away time. I remember the pleasure of writing about ladybugs for my high school freshman English class based on the prompt written on the board.1 And then...

11 min
27 September 2023
Beat the Blank Page: 7 Clever Tricks to Pack It with Words

Children gaze at a vast blank wall and see opportunity—inspired, they grab a permanent marker and scrawl across the surface in loopy circles and jaggedy lines without hesitation.  Why, then, do we adults stare at the blank page—not unlike a blank wall—and freeze up...

6 min
29 August 2023
Who Cheered You on throughout Your Writing Journey?

When I was visiting my grandmother one summer afternoon, she pulled out a letter I sent her. "This is good," she said. "Really?" She pointed at the paragraphs and said the ideas were well organized, my writing flowed well, and I included lots of details. "It was i...

5 min
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