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Alexander Group’s Revenue Growth Model Podcast

The Alexander Group's Revenue Growth Model Podcast shares the AGI point of view and expertise from our thought leaders, as well as insights from our executive events. AGI's Revenue Growth Model will help your company create a sales organization that is not easily copied by competitors. Your sales and support teams will be equipped to deliver value in a way that will differentiate your products and services, command a premium and deliver profitable growth. If you enjoy what you hear, learn more about the Alexander Group at

Last Episode Date: 13 February 2024

Total Episodes: 92

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13 February 2024
Sales Analytics - Episode 4: Artificial Intelligence for B2B Sales

As AI continues to evolve, its impact on sales processes and strategies is becoming more evident. Davis Giedt and Mitch Edwards of Alexander Group are joined by Armin Kakas from Revology Analytics to share insights on how AI is utilized in commercial organizations and predic...

23 min
12 January 2024
MFG/Distribution - Episode 8: 2024 Industry Predictions

Alexander Group Principals Kyle Uebelhor, Arshad Carim and Andrew Horvath share insights and seven bold 2024 predictions for the manufacturing and distribution industry. See how these predictions align with your organization's goals. Any that might need to added to your stra...

20 min
18 September 2023
Business Services - Episode 6: Talent Management

Mike Burnett of the Alexander Group interviews Jessica Studholme of Bustle Digital Group on her best practices for employee experience, improving talent architecture, developing strategic talent architecture, sales compensation plans, and coaching and recognition programs.Â...

18 min
9 August 2023
Executive Events - Episode 6: Characteristics of Enduring Leadership with Angie Volk, 3M

Gary Tubridy, principal at the Alexander Group, spoke with Angie Volk, the U.S. vice president of sales for medical solutions at 3M Healthcare, to discuss the practices of leaders and companies that display characteristics of enduring leadership. Angie shares what it means f...

35 min
28 July 2023
Financial Services - Episode 3: Changing Industry Market Dynamics

Dave Eddleman and Daniel Kravitz of the Alexander Group share insights on the market changes in the financial industry based on key learnings from project findings and research.  Learn what financial organizations are forecasting and how they are preparing for the short an...

6 min
26 July 2023
Life Sciences - Episode 9: Case Study - Redesigning a Marketing Organization

Raj Sharan and Kevan Savage of the Alexander Group share insights from a recent client where we helped redesign their marketing organization. The client was able to deploy the new model to show more accountability and attribution to the marketing team and how they impact rev...

6 min
19 June 2023
Healthcare - Episode 8: Digital Health Trends and Commercial Model Implications

Tray Chamberlin and Ann Marie Verhamme of the Alexander Group discuss the latest trends and commercial model implications in the digital health space based on recent research, events and client work. 

7 min
20 March 2023
Life Sciences - Episode 8: Marketing in Life Sciences Industry

Sean Higgins and Kevan Savage of Alexander Group share new and contemporary ways organizations are modernizing their marketing teams, including segmentation and targeting metrics, KPIs and investments in channels. This topic is top of mind for many companies who are battling...

13 min
19 January 2023
Healthcare - Episode 7: Competitive Landscape In MedTech

Mike White and Doug Beveridge of the Alexander Group’s Healthcare practice discuss how the competitive landscape in the medtech industry is changing. The pandemic, supply chain shortages, inflation and nursing staff shortages are some of the factors causing this shift. Acc...

7 min
19 January 2023
Healthcare - Episode 6: Marketing Strategies In MedTech

Mike White and Elizabeth Watson of the Alexander Group’s Healthcare practice discuss the modern marketing strategies in the medtech space, and particularly as it relates to outpatient versus the acute space. In a recent study conducted by the Alexander Group, we saw that p...

6 min
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