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AI’s Pop History in Sound

How do we know where we stand about Artificial Intelligence? What will AI bring? Benefits? Chaos? Human advancement or degradation?  From the ancient past to today, humanity has grappled with the crossroads of natural human and artificial human --and that story is fascinating. 

In this podcast series, the soundscape leads us into the different eras of AI in Pop Culture through  hybrid storytelling and commentary. It's a sonic adventure that entertains and enlightens.  

So come journey through compelling  zeitgeists from the ancients to today.  We'll eardazzle you and complicate things even further. 

(Ok, maybe we can unravel something AI at this moment in time, but mostly we're in for some wickedly wonderful time travel.)

Eardazzlement coming at ya.


Last Episode Date: 22 March 2024

Total Episodes: 1

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22 March 2024
Algormythos: Greek Geeks & AI

Riding the AI tsunami? What do humans need to know to navigate the deluge?  Well, the past holds answers -- Ai has actually been a fascination since ancient Greece as a form of Pop Culture still operating today.  Come travel to an amphitheater on Crete to experience animat...

17 min
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