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5 THINGS – Simplifying Film, TV, and Media Technology – Audio Only

Michael Kammes answers 5 THINGS about technologies and workflows in the media creation space. Production, post production, reviews, gear, tech, and some pop culture snark.


Last Episode Date: 23 January 2024

Total Episodes: 35

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23 January 2024
AI Tools For Post Production You Haven’t Heard Of

Many of the AI tools out there simply don't work for Post Production. But what tools do and how can you use them? I'll introduce you to a few tools that you probably haven't heard of and that are just perfect for post-production. 1. StoryToolKitAI 2. Twelve Labs 3. Curio Any...

12 min
8 September 2023
Hollywood Filmmaking in 2030 – According to the Studios

Hollywood's big 5 studios told us years ago how filmmaking would be done in 2030. didn't get the memo? 1. What is MovieLabs? 2. A New Cloud Foundation 3. Security & Access 4. Software-defined Workflows 5. Are we on Track?

19 min
31 July 2023
A.I. in Post Production – Your Questions Answered

Michael takes a deep dive into AI for Post Production. He'll answer YOUR top 5 Artificial Intelligence questions so you’re prepared for the creative new world order with AI. 1. Current AI Tools 2. Adapting to AI Evolution 3. Ethics in AI Usage 4. Societal Implications of ...

16 min
20 October 2022
How to Edit Remotely with Adobe Premiere Pro

Michael takes a deep dive into the various ways to edit remotely with Adobe Premiere Pro, when you or your team, plus your computers and media just can’t be in the same place at the same time. 1. Team Projects 2. Adobe Productions 3. All in the Cloud 4. Remoting into the ...

15 min
19 April 2020
Editing Remotely with Avid Media Composer

All of you are asking the same thing. “How can I edit remotely or work from home?” Today we’ll look at the options you have with Avid Media Composer. 1. Extending Your Desktop 2. Islands of Media 3. Virtualization and Extending: Media Composer | Cloud VM 4. Streaming ...

16 min
13 November 2019
An Intro to Using the Cloud for Post Production

On this episode, we gonna get hiiiiiigh! In the clouds, with a primer on using the cloud for all things post-production. 1. Why use the Cloud for Post Production? 2. Transfer and Storage 3. Rendering and Transcoding and VFX 4. Video and Audio Editing and Finishing...

20 min
9 December 2018
Blackmagic eGPU Pro & 2018 Mac Mini vs. FCPX, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Avid Media Composer

We’re checking out the new 2018 Mac Mini from Apple, and the new eGPU Pro offering from Blackmagic and …well, Apple. We’re also running benchmarks against your favorite NLEs! 1. 2018 Apple Mac Mini 2. Blackmagic eGPU Pro 3. Apple Final Cut Pro X and Blackmagic DaVinci...

24 min
12 September 2018
YouTube Tips And Tricks For Your Media

I’ve got a few tricks that you may not know about that will help you upload, manage, and make YouTube do your bidding. 1. Upload Tricks 2. Captioning Hacks 3. Playback Shortcuts 4. Audio Secrets 5. Advertising Tips

13 min
19 June 2018
Building a Hackintosh

Have you ever thought about using a Hackintosh? Wondering how they perform? Or maybe you wanna build one? Fear not my tech friends, for in this episode, we’ve got you covered. 1. Why Build a Hackintosh? 2. Choosing the Right Parts 3. Hardware Build 4. Installing the mac...

23 min
19 April 2018
LiveU Solo vs Teradek VidiU Pro

In this episode, we’re going to dive deep into live streaming. My friends at LiveU asked me to do a deep dive on their Solo streaming device. I suggested, “why not a shootout between the LiveU Solo and the Teradek VidiU Pro?” 1. What do they do? 2. Setup and Connec...

13 min
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