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21st Century Water

The 21st Century Water is a free knowledge sharing podcast series featuring insightful discussions and solutions on the most pressing issues facing America’s 50,000+ utilities. The monthly podcast will feature water leaders who are working to meet both existing and emerging challenges and dive deep into novel solutions and new models that are producing tangible results. The goal of this podcast is to increase the likelihood that success stories can be replicated by leaders, operators and executives across the country. The podcast is also designed to motivate and create a vibrant 21st century water systems and the innovative workforce required to lead and operate them.


Last Episode Date: 3 June 2024

Total Episodes: 35

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3 June 2024
Craig Miller on Securing Southern California's Water Supply for the Next 50 Years

In this episode of the 21st Century Water podcast, Mahesh Lunani talks with Craig Miller, the general manager of the Western Municipal Water District in California. Craig brings over three decades of experience in water management, focusing on operations, engineering, and co...

49 min
1 May 2024
How WSSC Water's Kishia Powell is Investing in Her Team and Her Customers

In the "21st Century Water" podcast episode hosted by Mahesh Lunani, listeners are introduced to Kishia Powell, the General Manager and CEO of WSSC Water, which is recognized as the eighth-largest water utility in the United States. With a career spanning over 25 years, Powe...

49 min
5 April 2024
Shivaji Deshmukh on The Past, Present and Future of SoCal’s Water Recycling Efforts

In our latest episode of the 21st Century Water Podcast, we had the privilege of engaging with Shivaji Deshmukh, General Manager of the Inland Empire Utilities Agency. Shivaji, a veteran in the field with over two decades of experience in sustainable water solutions, sheds l...

36 min
29 March 2024
Transforming Water Management: Roger Bailey's Visionary Leadership

In this episode of the 21st Century Water podcast, we delve into the visionary leadership and innovative mindset of Roger Bailey, the General Manager of the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District. With a distinguished career that has spanned across the United States, Bailey ...

41 min
22 March 2024
TRA’s Kevin Ward on Managing 18,000 Square Miles of Water Infrastructure

We dive into a conversation with Kevin Ward, the General Manager of the Trinity River Authority Kevin oversees a vast operation that includes water treatment and wastewater facilities, serving a wide area and managing a significant budget. His journey from a temporary role i...

45 min
8 March 2024
How Troy Hayes is securing Phoenix Water Resources for next 50 Years

We dive into the heart of water infrastructure challenges and innovations in our latest podcast episode. Our guest, Troy Hayes, brings over two decades of experience from the City of Phoenix, where he oversees a vast utilities operation. His journey from engineering to opera...

38 min
21 September 2023
How Water “Sherpa” Juan Carlos Guerreiro is Preparing San Diego For The Future

Juan Carlos Guerrero, Public Utilities Director at the City of San Diego, shares his journey from starting as a wastewater treatment plant operator to becoming a utility CEO. He discusses the pivotal moments in his career and the challenges and opportunities in the water ind...

44 min
27 June 2023
Seattle Public Utilities CEO Andrew Lee on Building an Equitable and Sustainable Water System

Today, Aquasight's Mahesh Lunani welcomes Andrew Lee, CEO of Seattle Public Utilities.   He currently manages about 1,400 employees, and has previously worked in Bellevue, San Franscisco, and various consulting firms.First and foremost to Andrew is a desire to serve people....

46 min
24 May 2023
Madison’s Michael Mucha on Building Public Trust Through Sustainability

Michael Mucha, the Chief Engineer and Director for the Madison Metropolitan Sewage District (MMSD), has bi-coastal experience as both an educator and administrator.  Prior to his current role in Wisconson, he's worked in both Olympia, Washington, and Reading, Pennslyvania. ...

33 min
18 April 2023
LADWP GM Marty Adams on the Future of LA's Water Systems

As GM of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Marty Adams is in a very unique position in the water world.  Not only does he oversee a combined department of water and power, he's doing it for the second largest city in the country, along with all the climate chal...

49 min
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